I feel SO sorry FOR those WHO cannot

enjoy NFL a well as CFL

I am so looking forward to many of todays games.

Who is gonna make the final cut for the playoffs?
Who is gonna get the byes.

What will next weeks matchups be.

Longshot I am cheering for are Detroit, Oakland, and Jets

Contenders I am cheering for are in order, Pats, Saints, Texans, Packers

so sad no Cardinals, Chargers and Eagles.

Would be interesting to see a Detroit Houston SB since neither have ever played in the game.

Boo Giants, Dallas, and Pittsburg.

Let the games begin. ONly 6 more hrs to go. :rockin:

Well enjoy your games, but personally, I will have much more fun attending an OHL game in Oshawa this afternoon. GO ATTACK. :thup:

Agree FYB, I'm not as passionate of the NFL like I am the CFL but do enjoy watching. Giants look good tonight I must say, that Cruz guy is an excellent receiver for them.

And yes deer, OHL is great as well.