I feel responsible

In the post started by Killer titled " get this off my chest" I made a comment about non-Bomber fans on this forum. This started a barrage of defensive posts about why fans of other teams post on this forum. The reasons are valid and just. I never mentioned names so it makes me wonder why certain posters defended themselves. One fellow seems to do nothing but try to find the smallest mistake so he can correct it condescendingly. Reminds me of my Gr.10 English teacher. A lot of nit-picking goes on.....I assume you post on your own teams' forum more than here, so I wonder how you have time to work, eat, sleep, because you post on this site more than a lot of Bomber posters including myself !!!! I read this forum to find info and opinions from knowledgeable fans who care for this team as much as I do. As for what other fans think, TRY TO IMAGINE HOW LITTLE I CARE !!!!!!

This whole issue seems to have gotten out of hand in the last few days. If people would just talk football, maybe do a little good-natured teasing, but lay off the trolling, insults and mockery, it would all be good. I don't quite understand why a few people don't get this, and can't stay away from the latter.

All that notwithstanding, it's still better on the Bomber forums these days without housedog and sanjay. . . man they were something else.

Can't argue with that.

It's healthy for everyone to get things off their chest and what better targets than the fans of other teams who come here looking for a scrap?

I say have at it!

It's cool Dan, I get defensive about our board sometimes....It pissed me off how they comeout of the wood works back when Kelly was around, and now the same thing.
But if most Bomber fans want to debate with these guys, then I guess I'll just let things be. I just hope there are enough of us to be able to keep the majority view.

But at least weren't they Bomber fans?