I feel like stirring the pot a little.

How come no-one is calling for Maciocia's head?

Why did he waste a down by having RR run the ball up the middle on second down for 2 useless yards?

He should have kicked the field goal on second down. This would have given him another chance if the ball was bobbled on the snap or a chance of a recovery and a second shot if it was BLOCKED.

Common Eskies fans let him have it :lol:

What I have to laugh at is the fact he felt he had the game in the bag, took his head set off and started shaking hands and then it got blocked! As Arnie would say what a tumor!

Like I said in the other thread about Don Mathews.. maybe Edmonton and Montreal should switch coaches. Montreal would have made the "right" call, only to bungle it and lose anyway, and Edmonton would have gone for the touchdown pass on second down... leading to.... ?

YA I saw that also.
Another coach came over and patted him on the back for the great victory.

........pretty classic face mannerism too going from this wide wide grin to a look of sheer shock.......

Hello Coach what did you think of that last play!

I see you are speechless!

There is really something wrong in Edmonton when you have the talent, and the huge salaries and you are one game away from missing the playoffs. I think they made the wrong move by letting go of Greg Marshall. Really nice to see that smirk whiped right off his face. The Eskimos should be in 1st place with the money they spend, but just like the Yankees, money can't buy you a win anymore.

Wait, didn't Greg Marshall come straight from McMaster to the Tabbies? When was he ever in the Eskies organization?

I think he means whats his names who is coaching Calgary now

Nope - he means the Renegades defensive co-ordinator, who is also named Greg Marshall. He was in Edmonton last year, also as D co-ordinator.

You know, I always hear commentators suggest a team go for a FG on 2nd down (in that situation) so as to have two cracks at it if needed ... but rarely do I ever see it happen.

Edmonton could have been trying to centre the ball on the field, or use up as much of the clock as possible - Saskabush does have some dangerous kick returners.

And on that note, I can't remember very many blocked FGs ... those don't happen often; not nearly as often as blocked punts, for example!

Actually RR centered the ball on fist which cost a yard or 2. On second he lunged forward and got them back. I have seen them do it many times(kick on second) but never was it needed

Ill, pick on Lancaster Junior instead of Maciocia, He’s the offensive coordinator…

I agree with you RO. Not only yesterday, but overall the Eskies have been brutal in most of the games that I have seen. Macioca's offense and with him a head coach and OC lacks imagination. Most of the plays are predictable with passes(making up 75% of the offense) involving down and outs, button hooks and the odd crossover. Very basic and vanilla, unlike the Renegades for example who use misdirection, reverses, direct snaps to the running back, the QB option etc. Plus, with no real running game and thats Macioca's fault, you cannot set up the pass. Even Ricky Ray has not produced(this despite the numbers in a loosing cause) and the failure of Macioca in not putting in Maas on a few occasions shows his stubborness. On the Morgan blocked FG, he came off the end untouched. The very same play he made a few minutes earlier during the good FG, barely blocking same. That should have been picked up by the guys upstairs and or Macioca and someone should have been resposible for that side. All of these factors in my mind show more then inexperience, almost like Daley in Winnipeg who is also over his head.

I agree with most of your comments except for Daley. Did Daley not take the Riders to a Grey Cup even though they lost he does have the ability. I think with Winnipeg the blame has to go with the guy that provides the players that being Taman! Fire the bum!

We were very lucky to make it to the Cup in 97. We won on Reggie Slack's legs in the playoffs, not Daley's coaching. We lost in the Grey cup becuase we were playing Flutie, and Slack forgot what won the previos games, his running.

Billy a team with out a coach come on man wake up. The players do play the game but the coaches are repsonible for the game plan. Give your head a shake Billy! Yes the Flutie factor did you in.

Danny M. is only just a rook head coach after all....but someone should remind Macioca of the bad calls R.D. Lancaster was famous for in the Peg.....thankfully we don't have that loser to deal with as we have enough of them in WPG. .......poor play calling...instead of friggin away the first 2 downs that deep in the opposition end ...why not try for the td.....there sure was enough time left...Ray never even made an attempt to go underneath...a play they were successful with all game.....they deserved to lose that one....dumb.....Daley move over.... :lol:

Since we're speaking of coaches and bad calls I'd like to know if Ritchie made any of em with the Bombers because eventhough our team hasn't been doing as well as it has in previous seasons I can't find many reasons behind his firing

The reason for Ritchies departure was the guy that pulled the trigger. The person that should have gone is Taman. He is responsible for the on field product. A coach is only as good as the players that are provided to him. Bring back Ritchie as GM and Coach. This would be a big difference in the onfield product and coaching. If Ritchie was a bad coach why then is he defensive cordinator for the Lions? Taman is a big joke sooner or later Bomber fans will see this too.

we already have seen through Taman. Something has to be done before our team falls to the point of no return