I feel for you...

the Bombers have brought in Michael Bishop.... for Insurance Purposes.. :lol:

[url=http://www.winnipegsun.com/2011/09/27/bombers-bringing-back-bishop]http://www.winnipegsun.com/2011/09/27/b ... ack-bishop[/url]

since I know people will probably jump all over you asking for a link.

just like he played "for insurance purposes" in Calgary.

I have no idea why the Bombers would ever do that but he's at best a 3rd string QB with a good attitude. someone on here said at the start of the year he's the best backup QB to have if you don't need him and we don't need him.

he's only going on the PR according to the only article I can find and we now have 3 QBs on the PR so..

the Bombers won't bump Goltz from the spot he's held all year, and he certainly doesn't have a chance of getting above Brink and Pierce..

Bishop is, by far, the worst QB to ever start regularly in this league in recent memory. But we're not bringing him here for that. I can live with him as a 4th stringer.

to add.. that gives us 3 QBs on a PR that is already full without Bishop.. I don't know why anyone would make this up so I'm sure there's some legitimacy, but it's pretty weird. until I see it from the Bombers I'm not sure I buy it anyway.

not kidding ya… the winnipeg sun and ctv sports tonight both said the bombers have signed michael bishop to the practise roster.

because he does have cfl experience and it doesnt hurt to take him. why did we bring him in ? because next week kevin glenn, darian durant, henry burris,anthony calvillo and name a qb could get hurt... who's the best available qb.. it's michael bishop.

They brought him in cause your 3 QB's are injured and Lapolice can't count on Pierce or Brinx to finish a game. He can't even count on them starting this weekend.

To claim that Winnipeg brought him in to prevent other teams from signing him is the dumbest statement made on these boards this season. Even Toronto does not want him.

Trestman: I know Adrian you won the game, were 6/6, fifty yards rushing with a TD pass and 13 points but Michael has experience !

Well, with only Goltz and Summers behind the wonky Buck and Brink, I'm not surprised by this move at all.

Oh, forgot about the new kid as well, Froman is it, so that's 6 QB's on the roster, talk about covering your bases, good move Mack.

Better than Dinwiddie :wink:

Change name of thread please!!! I will post a real topic!!

[url=http://www.winnipegsun.com/2011/09/27/bombers-bringing-back-bishop]http://www.winnipegsun.com/2011/09/27/b ... ack-bishop[/url]

Mike Bishop is back for insurance purposes and i like this move by Mack for a few reasons .... he has CFL experience, he has played for Lapo in Saskatchewan and he is a pretty good QB (haters say what you will)

Bishop came in 2009 with one weeks practice under Kellys old school crap offense and did pretty well considering and if he is called upon i fully expect him to be better under Lapos offense ...... Haters may be surprised :wink:

I would take Dinwiddie over Bishop in a heartbeat.

and IMO, the best available QB is either Chris Leak or Cleo Lemon (and I know neither is very good), I've been over how bad Bishop is a million times, but he's got a better attitude and more experience than either of those two, so for a 3rd or 4th stringer, sure.

definitely didn't sign him to prevent anyone else from doing it though. nobody wants this guy unless it's a major emergency.

....Is this a sign of desperation....IF he's only here for insurance..okay...Calgary had him for that purpose so i guess we can ...I never expect much from Michael other than a strong arm and 'maybe a third down scramble...Otherwise i hope Buck mends fast :wink: :roll:

Never mind the haters...is this going to bring paulpearson/bramletgirl/michaelbishop2010/MrWonderful/stamponthat back in here? :roll:

I thought a while back it might be funny if the Argos brought Bishop in to run Elizondo's short-pass offense; is our offensive scheme any better suited to Bishop? People have been complaining about short passes here too. Bishop's final start as a Bomber, throwing picks with the playoffs on the line, still doesn't sit too well.

However, I see no one is asking for Printers instead...

He was pretty good ... man what an arm !! If he can keep that under control I think he'd do much better.

Given his record, particularly his record in important games, it amazes me that someone can say that. . .

that was the first year we had season tickets ... we've come a long way since then ... LOL

He was not good at all, and that's the problem, he can't keep it under control. Basically the only times he was any good is when he could throw the ball a mile downfield and Adarius Bowman actually caught it.

Bishop has a career 50.9% completion percentage and career 5.1% interception rate, and if you remove the one anomaly of a year he had with Toronto, that becomes 50.5% completions and 5.7% interceptions. Compare those numbers against basically any QB you can think of, CFL or otherwise, they are horrible. If you follow the NFL, this will give you some perspective: they are very comparable to Ryan Leaf (48.4% completions, 5.5% interceptions) and considerably worse than JaMarcus Russell (52.1% completions, 3.3% interceptions)

Just for kicks, we're averaging 31 pass attempts a game as a team this year, or 558 for the season.. a 5.7% interception percentage with 558 attempts gives 32 interceptions. Now Reid and Volny gone so we'll be passing even more.

Plus, Bishop is now 35 years old, which means the physical skills that he used to con so many teams into letting him start are probably starting to deteriorate.

Fortunately, he's probably only Goltz's backup and definitely won't be higher than Brink on the depth chart.