I Feel for you guys

Man you guys got Stomp in Toronto..
As a Hamilton fan I know what it is like to get stomp by the Argos .

Hope your Revenge is next week

I am sad

sad I am

Not me! This is very good for this team. A good back to back stomping is good for these guys. It seems to me that the show boaters are running the ship. No dancing no play is what it looks like. It seems to me this ONE campaign means that only one player plays per game. Ha ha ha :roll:

lolz...calgary and hamilton... :lol:

You'll have to change your login name to so-ree
after the game on the 28th for that lolz.

We're not bad, we're justing resting. LOL

Yes unlike turkeybutt there is no need to panic. Just resting the veterans on the team. Do not want to get our players injured. :lol: :lol: :lol: