I feel for Coach Taaffe

I really do....I mean what more can he do to to change this team around?........or should he just forget about immediate wins and get a vote of confidence from the upper management to stay the course and just improve slowly and methodically....and trust the fans hang in during the process.

....this is an excerpt from today's Spec:

[b]Hamilton head coach Charlie Taaffe said the lack of touchdowns and the penalites - the Cats drew 17 flags for 139 yards - are killing his club.

"We continue to play like a losing football team. That's what we are. Until we decide that it's going to be a priority and not get the stupid penalties ... we play like a losing football team," he said.

Winnipeg took a 14-12 lead into the half. But Setta punched the Cats into the lead 18-17 midway through the fourth.

The Bombers drove the ball down the field to set up Robert's one yard plunge. The Cats couldn't answer.

"We couldn't stop them and that's why they win and why we lose," Taaffe said.

Taaffe doesn't know what to do about the penalties.

"I don't know what to do, we've tried everything. I don't know what else to do, you can run 'em, fine 'em, take their money so far nothing works. We don't play smart, we don't play like a winning football team. Until we change we're going to continue to struggle and the same thing is going to happen," he said.[/b]



What can he do? You are kidding right. The suggestion has been made from day 1. Sit Jason . As long as Taffe continues to play a QB most have no faith in the faith in Taffe dwindles both with the fans and with the players. He is terribly close to being unable to get the room back

Ummmm....how many pentalties did Jason take last night?????

Objectionable conduct is not a show of leadership is it? Maas is part of the penalty problem himself. What I'm refering to is respect. Its hard to respect a coach that isn't putting his best players in the game.

An offsetting objectionable conduct and a time count or procedure I think?

Penalties are another HUGE isssue yes, but offensively I think the greatest concern is most definitely quaterbacking. Penalties seem to be a bigger problem on defense and special teams.

What ever you do dont fire him!!!lol

Ok, yeah, I agree and maybe that will happen at home this week due to the bench penalty (thrown football) and the yelling match Maas had with Coach Taaffe on the sidelines (I think I heard TSN descibing a verbal confrontation between the two.....I apologize if I'm wrong on that though)

I think the problem is locker room leadership and under the current situation, it's hard for anyone to step up because the morale seems to be sinking lower.....and even the newer guys like Moreno who might step up are still basically rookies to the Ticats and don't really have those roots firmly planted yet to emerge as "The Man" in the locker room like Mike, Rob, Carl and Ozzy were.


tydoggz wrote:"Ummmm....how many penalties did Jason take last night?????"

I would trade penalties from Maas in exchange for some decent quarterbacking from him any day.
In case you did not notice, the last two games could have been won despite the penalties.


Good football teams win tight games.

Mass showed a lack of leadership taking a dumb penalty at a crucial time.

Mass threw so at least three passes off his back foot that just never had the energy to make it to a wide open receiver.

Mass made some bad decisions regarding throws, especially near the endzone. He was lucky his lamb duck was not intercepted.

All in all Mass had a pretty good night statistically but he has to step up, show leadership, make some better reads, and get moving out of the pocket quicker.

When and what was the 2nd? Didn't catch that..

His 15 yard penalty was one of the dumbest things he could have done at that point. Did you see the official talking to him as he threw the flag? Basically he said.... I was going to call a penalty on their bench and now you went and threw the ball at them... so its offsetting.

He is supposed to be the leader of this team and not take those dumb penalties, he cost us a chance at getting an additional 15 yards and that lack of control is really frustrating.

Tell me Danny Mac would have ever taken 15 yards for something like that? Never.

Danny Mac was a composed character in the face of adversity. As much as Danny played beyond his days, he never showed anything less than the utmost in class and I was more confident in Danny Mac's ability to mount a comeback, even in his twilight, than I ever will with Maas.

My bad...I forgot the objectional conduct but at least he took someone with him to even it out and has for the tie delay....is it him or the other players not ready or making the reads???

Listen, I am not a huge Mass fan but do not think he is the problem and feel he has some good football left in him. His leadership was shown in the last few games....against montreal at home when he took the ball and made some great runs for first down....he moved the ball well against BC and Winnipeg despite having really who to throw to????? Yes, Bauman stepped up last night but this was his first game.
The problem is much, much deeper. Just a few years ago people were running Danny Mac out of town, then other receivers, then coaches and management. Heck we have tried to run the game day announcer (much deserved)out of town. they have been replaced and now the replacements are being run out of town.
At this point it seems it does not matter who is on the field, in the offices, in the stands or how much beer is - we are getting the same results. The losing is one thing but when you continue to lose because of undiscipline play and have low qaulity recievers and average defence and do not utilize your star talent - Lumsden and Holmes it is frustrating.
People are looking too much on the surface....this organization has some serious issues that go deeper than who is throwing the ball.

Actually the only one being run out of town is Maas. Its because he is the root cause of all of the failure on offence

Taffe sounded like Ron Lancaster with his comments. He is the coach, he can make these guys practice more, run more routes, make it physically demanding and painful for them. He can also make descisions about who plays and who doesn't.

And since he doesn't his credibility with the players is less than it should be

I agree....no way should a QB "lose it" like that knowing full well it will cost the team huge...

If Chang does get the nod, I can only hope it's announced first thing Monday so the fans can look forward to something new this coming week.....a huge disclaimer should be sent though to explain that a win isn't a guarantee but the kid is going to take over and give it his best.......it might send a shot of much needed adrenaline through the organization also and may just be the spark that's needed. Maas shouldn't be a "project" at this stage at that kind of money or stage in his career.

...it's time for the hook sadly.

Maas has a solid history of impressive stats without scoring results. He also has a solid history of losing composure in tough situations. This team's pass protection, running game and pass catching ability has improved immensely in the past 5 weeks. I'm not addressing penalties, defensive pass rushing or the lack of a stingy secondary on defense, Maas doesn't play defense but on offense, questions are being answered 1 by 1 and we're beginning to settle on the QB for no so much poor play as a solid track record of lacking in winning play. Stats are great... other than TDs vs. INTs. Moving the football between the 20s is stellar. Scoring TDs... garbage. I was with you prior to this week tydoggz, but I'm convinced we need to find a realistic way of getting Chang in on game time.