I feel for Calgary fans!

hey Calgary fans I know what you are going threw right know you are probably trying to figure out whats wrong and what you can do to fix it, the truth is your still better than us (FOR NOW) and you might get better this season but if your management team says the term rebuilding I hope that your fans are half as loyal as Ti-Cat fans then good luck because look how long we have been rebuilding for but I'll give the Ti-Cats this . It's been a LONG FIVE YEARS but I see hope in the future if the right guys are given the ball we might surprise you..

P.S. big thanks to the Calgary D for taking down a few Argo's

Being a fan of a team like Hamilton, that’s rebuilding, and watching them lose is difficult. However, being a fan of a team that is supposed to be in the Grey Cup and watching them lose like this, is brutal. At least we know that there is one group of fans out there feeling worse than us. Heh heh.

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I hope the same thing doesnt happen to us against BC . A short week is so bush league !!! What the hell is the CFL thinking ??

Why are you giving them moral support? They just got finished hammering us.

The Ham fans have sure changed.