I feel conflicted. Please help.

So my (very) better half and I have decided to have laminate flooring installed in our basement (We need laminate for the durability, since we have a lab/border collie cross). We went to the orange-and-white store, and they wanted an arm and a leg each, as well as our first AND second born. So we went looking for local businesses here in Ottawa, which leads to my dilemma...

One of the businesses we went to is family owned and run, been around for decades, and has had to rebuild after their warehouse burned to the ground 2 years ago. They have amazing reviews and an A+ rating on the BBB. What is the problem you ask?

Quite simply, the name of the company. The family is Greek. Proudly Greek. Can you see where I'm going here?

The company's name is the same as the first half of the Banned Chant. I can't even bring myself to type it. I won't sully the family's name by associating it with the blew team. Besides, the gentleman I was dealing with was a roommate of a Ti-Cat in university. They have nothing against our team, so I have absolutely nothing against them, except the name of the company.


Well considering we are talking floors so once it is installed you will be walking all over it - just like we will walk all over that team a couple of times in the next couple of weeks - what's the problem?

Get rid of the dog or put in vinyl flooring, (black with gold fleck would be nice). If neither of these solutions will work, then, (gulp) get over it.

In the UK the biggest on-line shopping company is named..................................

[url=http://www.argos.co.uk/static/Home.htm?sRefURL=https%3A//www.google.com/]http://www.argos.co.uk/static/Home.htm? ... oogle.com/[/url]

I am guess that the name is the same as that of the city - pronounced ar-goss. Just remember to pronounce it correctly and shut your eyes while looking at it.
If I could on this board, I'd write it in Greek for you if that would help.

No Mark, they named it after the damned rowboat. To make matters worse, they gave us the “best” (not the cheapest) quote too. If we decide to go with them, as long as they don’t do a giant “A” insert…

You are thinking about this all wrong. While CFL teams compete on the field we are partners off the field. We need our partners in the CFL to do well off the field. By keeping the Argos in business you are directly helping the Tiger-Cats beat the Argos on the field. Or to put it the other way around - can you imagine a world where we never get to beat the Argos again?

Any business that promotes any CFL team (even inadvertently as in this case) is a business that we, as CFL fans, should support. So feel free to support http://www.argoscarpets.ca/ even with their problematic name.

Just see if you can't talk them into sponsoring the RedBlacks. You might think that would give you a second reason not to deal with them, but in fact it would give you an even better reason to support them. Thanks.

Cheers, Bob.

Thank you for this wonderful reply, Mr Caretaker. As you no-doubt realized, my original post was wholly tongue-in-cheek. Although I am such a die-hard Tiger-Cats fan that I am careful to not wear two shades of blue at the same time during the season, it just would not be the same without the blew team to beat up on a regular basis.

If we decide to contract this company, I will pass on your suggestion that they support the TWOCOLOURS in the future. I love the CFL. I love supporting local businesses. It would be amazing if these two could meet.

Thank you Bob!


I did appreciate the humor of your post. But still couldn't resist the opportunity to remind our forum readers we need you to help us promote the CFL to our sponsors at every opportunity. :wink:

Just pretend you are dyslexic.... it's named Agros

Buy away!

Suck it up. soldier

We contracted http://www.argoscarpets.ca to do our flooring. As a matter of fact, they almost certainly certainly secured any flooring/carpeting needs for us in the future, as well as my recommendations to all and sundry.

Bob, I showed your first post to the gentleman I was dealing with, and he was blown away. I wouldn't be surprised to see some Greek fonts next year at TD stadium... lol