I feel bad for LeFors

He got tossed face first into a situation he was totally not ready for. He may end up being a good QB one day but not for a while, he does not nearly have enough experiance. Add to that his shoulder possibly needing ot get repaired, what a lousy year for him.
I hope he gets a chance to bounce back in a different situation.


LeFors just doesn’t have the tools needed by a pro QB. If that wasn’t evident in his 5 starts in Edm, it should have been painfully obvious by his first Bomber game. Kelly is doing him a favour by putting him on the injury list and not releasing him outright (although that probably would have initiated a “can’t cut me, I’m injured!” claim). At least he will get paid for the remainder of the season (at his reduced salary) plus playoff bonuses :lol:…but he’ll likely be starting a new career next season.