I feel bad complaining but...

Okay, that was the best experience I've had a Ticat game in quite a long time. But, there was one tiny little negative that I have to bring up. It was the hottest day of the year, and not once did I see anyone come around selling any non-alcoholic beverages. I was sitting in Section 24, so maybe things were different elsewhere. Now, I know for a fact that people came around selling drinks/snacks at all the other home games this year, so was my section just somehow missed this game or what :frowning:

section 30 didn’t get a visit either. I thought it was an isolated occurance.

yea cuz if u had of went down to the concession stands u might have missed a ticat TD or a Big run by Lumsden :smiley:

You should seriously express your concerns to the Ti-Cats public relations and i'm sure they will resolve the issue.

Hey I agree but we were looking for the Beer servers to come by and only had one go by at the back of Box J all night! This has happened quite frequently this season! We had 1 or 2 games with good service but most games we've just given up and gone down and gotten our own! What's up?? Short staffed??

I actually enjoyed the fact I could see the game without the guys blocking my view but I thought it odd that there was no service last night. I agree that PR should be notified because I'm sure there are those who would have purchased a cold drink last night.

Hmmm, I noticed the same thing actually, only once during the game did someone come around selling non-alcoholic beverages and once selling alcoholic beverages. It only seemed a bit weird because normally they are pretty noticable, in that they come around at least once a quarter and you can generally pick them out heading your way. They may have actually been short staffed than?

My friend worked selling cold drinks and food a few years back, and they work like CRAZY. I know that this post wasn't suggesting that they don't work hard, but I just thought I'd get that in since its kind of on topic.

We just got to see the best game in the past few years....and you guys want to bitch about cold drinks ?????????????
Buy a tray-full BEFORE you take your seat...and you will not have this problem.

How long does it take for

a tray full of cold drinks
to become too warm to drink?

That would be a good experiment, SJRiley.

Maybe you could conduct it for us?

I have to agree with you on this. I was a little disappointed by that. I was in the endzone and all I saw were the beer team. I had to go down to the concession stand to buy a bottle of water and I waited till just before the half to do so.

SJRiley, I rarely complain about anything on this site, but I think this is a fair complaint considering they do sell beer in the stands. If they sold nothing in the stands that would be one thing, but I don't think it's too much to ask to have someone selling non-alcoholic drinks. The original poster didn't rant or freak he merely made a very fair observation. This type of feedback is welcome by the team from what I have seen so far.

the last 2 games, the pop monkey has been to section 7 in the second half until the 4th qtr. when he finally got there on Friday, he was already out of pop! they should have 1 person for each section or 1 section and 1 box then you don't have to wait so long

Good point. The beer guy in my section was actually pretty good. He didn't get in the way of the game. I would have probably bought more than one cold drink if they'd have been selling them in the stands.

Yes, those portable stills that one could use to refill one's mickey...unless you left it in the washroom...

Damn I miss the eighties! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Oski Wee Wee,

no pop in box j and I think I saw a beer vendor once.

Section 26 was completly missed throughout the whole game, and I had planned on drinkin, ya I was a little upset about that.

Go Cats

In Sec 23 we saw beer and pop people a couple of times each.

COME ON FOLKS.... We just got to see the best game in the past few years....and you guys want to ***** about cold drinks ????????????? Buy a tray-full BEFORE you take your seat...and you will not have this problem. Simple...
oh, its a very, very, very minor gripe. I don't REALLY care if they didn't serve anything all game anywhere in the stadium as long as the Tiger-Cats win. But at the same time, you can't have a full tray of beer, they limit you to two drinks at a time. And most people just buy one at a time (for themselves anyways), so its really nice when they come up in the stands like that. The management seem really into making "the experience" of the game as good as possible, so I doubt they mind the minor griping.

I did see one vendor near the top of section 26 (the stairway between 26 and 27), but didn't notice if she was selling beer or pop.

I also noticed there was no draft beer downstairs, only cans (although I might be wrong about that one). Found that odd.

I'll say it again, I had a tremendous time at the game, and I'll keep coming back no matter what the concession service is like. I just found it curious that after seeing people in the stands selling all kinds of stuff the first two games, I didn't see anyone at the last game selling anything that wasn't alcohol.

Can't argue with this concept. As a matter of fact judging by the number of overweight people in the stands taking up more room than they should the exercise wouldn't hurt them either. :cowboy: