I expected more in Hamilton

I can't believe how badly our O stunk in Hamilton. DD played like he has no confidence in his receivers and maybe even his O-line. I think his biggest problem might be no faith in his OC--DB. DB calls an offence that is way too conservative and way too predictable. The opponent's D may as well be living in our O-huddle. Hall is also a bit too conservative and unwilling to gamble enough to get some big plays on D. I give him a pass for now because there is simply not enough pass rush. I thought going into this season that our veteran O-line and veteran coaching staff would be our strong suits. Now I'm not so sure on either. The first two games the D never showed up. Game 3 the O never showed up at all. This is starting to remind me of the pre-Tillman and pre-Austin days where the O or D would take turns taking the day off. I hate to say this, but the way this team is playing right now I can easily see 2 more losses against Montreal and Calgary coming right up. The big showdown game comes up in game 6 in BC, and it looks to me that Riders will be fighting hard with BC for 3rd place unless a lot of major improvements happen pretty quick. I don't even like the Lions, but thru the first 3 games they are playing much better football than the Riders. Yes, it's a long season, and I think the Riders will have a better 2nd half of the season. It may well be an even longer off-season next year. What think you all?