I don't want turkey this thanksgiving......

I want some Alouette! come on Quinton, carve that Alouette defense up good, theres alot of hungry fans here! MMMMMMM Alouette with gravy. Let's go boys, take it to em!

I could not agree with you more!
I just want the Winnipeg vs. Toronto game to be over, If Toronto can pull off the win, I really think we have a chance!
I hope the players know how much hope we have in them! because really, I know they can do this, They CAN do it.
It's just a matter of will they..
I guess we will see.

it might benefit Hamilton's so-called play-off chances.

But I still can;t bring myself to cheer on the blew team.

If you don't want turkey, how about a turducken?

A Winnipeg tank job, inside a Ticat winning streak, all stuffed into a playoff birth.


"Alouette" is the French word for skylark, which early colonists (French and English) in Canada ate.
Not sure of the size of a skylark, but I can imagine it would take lots of them to fill one up.

However, definitely better than eating crow.