i don't understand?

why isn't the grey cup going to be shown on ctv?

I dont mean to be sarcastic but why do you think it should be?

while we are at it, why isnt the stanley cup going to be shown on Action or Bravo or Prime?

thecount makes a point... they aired the World Cup final on CTV to reach the most viewers...

The only reason I can see why CTV wouldn't air the TSN produced CFL games would be if the executives at Bell Globemedia have assumed the added revenue from increase in TSN subscriptions due to the CFL deal outweighs the difference in advertising revenue between games potentially aired on CTV as opposed to TSN.

Actually The CBC Reaches More Homes In Canada Then CTV Does.

Actually In The States This Year The Playoffs And Finals Were Broadcast On OLN (Out Door Life Network). I Happend To Be Down There During The Playoffs And Most Bars Couldn't Show Us The Games Because OLN Isn't Availible By Satellite.

I don't know about Dishnetwork, but I have Directv and "Versus" (formerly OLN network) is part of the basic programming. And even when it was OLN last season there were Hockey playoff games on.

I Imagin Different Areas Of The Country Have Different Service And Programming. I Was In Flordia And The Carolinas For Most Of The Playoffs And ESPN Only Carried One Or Two Serieses Each Round, All The Other Games Were Only Carried By OLN And Local Stations. I Was In Norfolk For The First Two Games Of The Final And We Were Unable To Watch The Games Because The Hooters We Were In Had Satellite And OLN Is A Cable Only Station There.

Beacuse TSN will have X number of viewers watching the game, and CTV will have Y number of viewers who are not interested in watching the game. That way they get viewers who are CFL fans and viewers who are not CFL fans.

If CTV were to carry the game, then what would TSN carry that would provide the same total of X+Y?

You should have asked what provider they had. Like I said I have Directv and wherever you live in the country the programming you choose to purchase is the same. With the exceptions maybe of local programming.

TSN and CTV are owned by the same company Bell Globemedia. In all likelyhood the Grey Cup will be on CTV with the TSN crew. All other games would be on TSN In that senario X + Y is greater.