I Don't Understand Why Eric Tillman Would...............

I Dont UnderStand why he would do such a big trade like this less than 24 hours after his team had won their 4th straight game

i mean its not like the team needed an improvement because they seem to be doing just fine

and now if they begin to lose.....Tillman aint gunna be looking to great

maybe its just me but...it seems kind of stupid

Even winning teams don’t stand pat. That’s probably one of the main reasons why they win more than they lose.

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[url=http://www.cfl.ca/index.php?module=newser&func=display&nid=19043]http://www.cfl.ca/index.php?module=news ... &nid=19043[/url]

According to this, Jason Armstead asked for a trade earlier in the season. And i know this is true, because on the local news here in Saskatchewan, Tillman did an interview after the trade, and said that Jason wanted to be the featured guy, and that wasnt going to happen being behind Dominguez and Flick. However, i wish him luck, cuz he went to my favorite team in the East!!!

Was it bad timing, yes and no. Yes, because the riders record is 6-2. No, because you can always improve your team, and everyone in Sask. is high on Corey Holmes, and a young Canadian receiver. And it also wasnt neccessarily bad timing because the riders are going into the bye-week so both guys will get a chance to learn the offence.

A good manger takes advantage of desperate teams. They are loaded at receiver so he picks two assets including a local boy with a big upside!