I don't understand the Hamilton Spectator

Ok, having a coffee now reading the sports pages, nice front page article The Longest Yard and other stuff for the game, fantastic. And then I say to myself I'll just check out the standings so I go to page S7 and I had a hard time finding the CFL standings. Oh they they are, right near the bottom of the page after just about everything. I don't get it, just don't get it at all. :roll:

almost 3 pages in the sports section

your whining about where the standing are?... :roll: :roll:

It’s called a disconnect when you have all the great articles and the standings are where they are. Just my opinion, not my fact!

Dude! How the hell do you think I feel? There IS NO CFL news in my newspaper (Lubbock Avalanche-Journal...Lubbock Tx) beyond Graham Harrell signing with Saskatchewan. At least I have the internet...glad to know I'm not the only one who still actually reads a newspaper! :cowboy:

The standings are where they are supposed to be, with the rest of the standings and stats.

The spec did a great job promoting labour day and had 3+ pages on the Ticats.

Ok, I admit I was getting bent out of shape over something quite insignificant and overreacting :oops:

Aren't most stats pages bought from an outsourced Company I imagine that if thats the case as most stats pages tend to look the same that its something the spec may have little or no control over

I live in kitchener, 1 hour away, not Texas and I get as much coverage from our local paper as he does. The paper is a Torstar clone: minimal CFL coverage, some Ar… and others coverage, ZIP for CATS. Lots for the NFL though, usually pages. Complained locally a couple of times and was told there is no local interest. Maybe all Record readers on this site could band together and get some decent coverage .

I get my Cat news here.

Ya news covereage is.. well there is none here in florida .. altho i can catch a cfl game on the weekends usually saturday .. caught the Hamilton Edmonton game but that was shown like the day after .. i doubt todays game will air .. but it's something

RYCK todays game you can catch on streaming video at www.channelsurfing.net if your interested in catching. I am stuck at work all day and can't make the game, but I will be watching it there as well.

will try and check it out but umm labor day and i hear a beach calling my name hahaha ... we'll see what happens today but i'll bookmark that page