I dont see a triple reverse here.

I see a handoff, then a single reverse, then a toss back to the QB and a TD pass. Not even a double reverse.

I call it a double reverse , flea flicker.

But im old

I’d call it a reverse flea-flicker. Handoff, followed by reverse, followed by flea-flicker pitch to QB, followed by throw.

Had the o-line blocked right, then the initial handoff going left would have been a reverse, with the lateral creating the double reverse. But they blocked left, the same direction as the initial handoff, so not a reverse. And Adams wasn’t moving, so that wasn’t a reverse either.

I agree. Not even a double reverse. A reverse flea-flicker is the best description for this play.

whatever it was, it was fun to watch.

Yes it was!!

I just read Jones dipped into his OC days at Hamilton for this wonderful call.
We need more exciting plays not like boring Chaps for my low energy Argos?
He needs to go like Chamblin and Popp at end of the season.
Every effort should be made to hire Eric Tilman before he is snapped up by the Schooners as was rumoured.
Then he should hire Paul Lapolice for the HC.

“Flanker reverse, flea-flicker.”

Exciting plays?

Late 1984, Montreal at Ottawa. Montreal kicking. Ottawa brings someone off the line all the way back to take a reverse handoff from the kick returner going to his left. Everyone is astounded as the second guy carries the ball about sixty yards down the right sideline, until the second guy suddenly laterals rugby-style to a third ball carrier to his right, who carries another thirty yards.

Only play I’ve ever seen that brought the crowd to it feet twice.

good play yes.

Just take issue with the stupid media guys labeling it a triple reverse.

I second that.

For sure.

Oh yeah.