I dont mean to upset rider fans, but....

I am seriously starting to think the riders may not win one this yr

I lol'd! That's a good question. The offence wasn't looking bad. It was mainly the defence. Then in this game the offence joined the defence. Brutal.

Could also ask when Marshall will be fired. One more game like this and he might be gone.

I guess I was ahead of myself when I gave Tamen three yrs to screw this team up. I too am starting to wonder if they'll win one this year?!

.....I don't think you can upset those fans anymore...they've pretty well hit the wall :oops:

Doesn't upset me at all. I'm a CFL fan, first and foremost. I saw Hamilton play a put-together game today - that's worth the watch for me. A Rider win is a bonus, when it happens...win or lose, I still have to work for a living.

Doesn't upset me but I voted 5, the only team's i could see us beating this season is calgary, and maybe toronto, and thats if we improve.

From what I've seen the Riders need to rebuild

1- Oline
3-Receivers and RB.

Won't happen this year... Hoppy is not going to enjoy living in Regina for a while...

With Hawkins on the 9-game IR, they also have no pass rush unless they blitz. Don't know how Taman let them slip into what is essentially a rebuilding phase the season after they went to the Grey Cup game.

This is a classic example of why you don't build your non import strenght with receivers. You use Olinesmen.

I voted for 4, and that is being optimistic...

I'm just glad we'll be able to enjoy a Grey Cup without Saskatchewan fans taking over the event like a bedouin tribe :slight_smile:

....Is this really surprising....Taman was dumped by the Bombers and as much said he was 'burnt out' .. His words....Then we got all of this crap from our local media on how we let a good man go....Well we can now see how valuable a guy Taman was ...Kelly was no better BUT the professor was right about one thing .. Tamans list of potential talent mostly existed on napkins...Good luck with him riders, i said at the time , you're gonna need a whack of it... His pencant for trading away draft pics in Wpg. cost the Bombers big-time...He luvs the recycle game as far as players go...rather than bringing in new talent ...He'll have that club searching for a winner for a very long time :wink:

As much as it pains me to let you say "I told you so" you told us so. But in defense of 80% of Rider fans, Taman was way down the list of preferred replacements for G.M. This one is all on Hopson. It is 1994 all over again, totally uinept in most facets of the team. The biggest thing that I notice is a total lack of heart and desire from the players. It's as if they know nothing good is ever going to come from this management regime.

Typical Bomber fan response about anyone who is not in the organization anymore.... I'd bet if your team threw away the practice balls, you guys would be on here telling us how they did not have enough air in them.. or how the stripes just did not do their job like instructed... or they were just never good enough to be a CFL ball

I am seriously starting to think the riders may not win one this yr
Lions vs Riders for last place? man they are stinking out the joint this year

Better to come off weak and finish strong, but I hope they are weak all year.

I wonder if the lions will win one

Ditto. I don't see any drive or passion to play. I forget what game it was, but before the game, the Riders were showing off their new slogan that had something to do with "do your job, know your job." Is that any fun? Is that motivational? I don't believe it is, and it shows.

It's such a stark contrast to Edmonton where the coaching and scheming is looking so good whereas the Riders are looking brutal in all facets of the game (maybe not special teams, they're not doing too bad). Berry and Hall have got to rethink things pronto. Unfortunately, the Riders have the worst game possible up next in Montreal. Heh, at least the Lions have an alright chance to win their game.

oh, I think they should be able to beat sask a couple of times.