I don't mean to get to far ahead of myself but....

...IF the Bombers win the Grey Cup (and I'm only saying this cause it will take a freakin miracle for the Riders to contend :cry: ) who will be the team with the longest Grey Cup drought? I know it was Bombers and Saskatchewan in 2007 then the Riders won it and now it's Bombers but if they win who would it be?

Hamilton, 1999

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Grey_Cup_champions http://www.cfhof.ca/page/grey_cup_winners

Way to jinx us.

Well!!!! We just cant let that happen. The Lions should be the winners in their new home..... :lol:

(Rubs hands slowly together while doing an evil laugh) :twisted: :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks guys

Well you guys probably have the best shot at making the playoffs outta the 3 of us (Riders, Argo's,, Lions)

That really isn't saying very much...


I dont think Winnipeg will win this year. Calgary/Montreal Grey Cup, Calgary wins.

sorry but I think Montreal is vulnerable this season. they aren't perfect like before.

and that is why it will be Hamilton there.... The Cats beat the Stamps :lol:

Going to throw this crazy thought out. Toronto vs. Winnipeg in the grey cup. Toronto getting the crossover and sweeping Alberta in the playoffs.

Imagine that Toronto Argonuats Western Division Champions vs. Winnipeg Blue Bombers Eastern Champions. :cowboy:

Yea baby "CALGARY" :cowboy:

winnipeg against, sounds silly but BC

swaggerville causes RIOT NUMBER 2 :wink: will at be as bad as the one the bruins caused?

New stadium.. oh man, it makes sense.. BC will be in the final and lose and the fans will have the chance to redeem themselves after the canucks riots a few months earlier and will fail.

winnipeg has a chance to rep the east... yet to lose to an eastern team.. 2-0 vs hamilton and yup havent played montreal but we are 7-1 and montreal hasnt played us but are 5-3. heres the weird part, if both teams keep winning until they play each other, 3 weeks,well 2 really almost... wpg = 9-1 montreal = 7-3. montreal wins first 2 vs wpg.. same records.. 9-3.

thats playoffs for both teams. hamilton, well... since they'd be 4-7 (unless argos or riders come to town) at that point would.. well.. its a 2 team battle for 1 and 2 and hammy would have to win 6 more games in their last 8 and hope the bombers dont win one of their remaining 8 to get a playoff game, think im confident to say if in 2 weeks or so when we play mtl and we are 9-1.. well, we hosting a playoff game..east final or semi.. regardless, especially if mtl sweeps the cats.

I have two words for you. Coherent and concise. Learn them, please. :wink: