I don't know what's worse!

  • Suffering through loss after loss each week and watching my beloved Ticats work towards another losing record yet again.


  • Coming on here and reading this crap from our "fans" (and I use that term loosely) after each game.

Nobody is more upset with our 0-5 record this season than me, but listening to this mind numbing garbage from these idiot "fans" puts me right over the edge.

  1. Guess what, Bob Young is quite possibly the only reason we still have a team in Hamilton and some of you clueless morons are calling him out and blaming him for everything from the Cats 0-5 record to the unwanted impregnation of your first-born daughter. Give it a rest and get your head examined. He has done everything humanly possible to put a winning team on the field and first and foremost he has turned this organization around off the field. So to those of you ripping on Bob....give me a break!! (Unless you're complaining about the price of bottled water at the stadium....then I'm with you on that! :lol: )

  2. Boycott? You want to Boycott the next game after we played two pretty solid road games? From what I've seen, this team is getting better every week, should/could possibly have three wins by now (and with a little luck and less penalties, we would have at least two) and I certainly won't be jumping on the boycott wagon with you clowns. But please do stay home....as long as you've paid for your tickets I'd love to have some extra room to line up some beers on the row in front of me.

  3. Jason Maas vs. Timmy Chang. Everyone has their own opinion on who should start and that's fine.....but the disgusting disregard for Jason as a human being is rediculous. IMO, this guy has heart, passion and would do anything for his team (especially laying his body on the line) to get the win. That doesn't mean I think he's getting the job done, nor does it mean that I don't think Timmy Chang can get the job done. But I have a huge problem when people are calling him "gutless" and "heartless" and people are demanding he gets "cut" and/or "traded". This is not acceptable and "fans" like this are the same kind of people that would dump horse crap onto Paul McCallum's front lawn after missing a FG.

There are so many more examples or moronic posts and clueless rants and nothing is ever going to change, but do me a favour.....if we ever do get a win, can we lay off the bashing and complaining for at least 24 hours after the W?

What you say about MAAS maybe right but a lot of fans including me just think he can"t get the job done . I think he was hurt before he got here last year and he did only have one good year 3 years ago.
I'm not saying that he is doing his best I just don't think it is good enough to take this team any where but last place.

And this is a respectable comment.

I have no problem with this opinion.

I think if people watched the game a second time objectively without the emotions of the live game they would see that this is a decent football team.

What the team lacks is mental toughness and discipline. Fixing the mental mistakes which includes the penalties they will start winning.

The players have the talent to win now they just need to improve their focus

Adecent team with a huge QB problem

Are you kidding me this has been going on for five years...Remember this is a blue Collar town...people pay good money to see the Ti Cats...All the fans want is a winning team...Let's bring back Coach Lancaster and Danny Mac...The boys of the Stoney Creek Attic...

Great post -AMG-.

In other words, Sig agrees with you.


yup, blasting those who simply say Maas can't throw with all kinds of personal attacks that are so off base its funny.


I think AMG's problem is that people are making personal attacks on Maas. There is NOTHING wrong with Maas as a person. I'm sure he's a very nice gentleman. Yet people seem to translate his on-field performances into who he is as a person. I'm willing to gamble most people who criticize Maas (including myself) have never met him. So why should anyone make personal attacks against him.

I don't believe he should be our starting QB, but that doesn't mean I rip him -- it means I criticize his play and state that I think the team should be moving in a different direction.

There are very few personal attacks on Maas unless you believe saying he can't throw makes poor decisions and is too emotional to be a qb and as a result he is killing the team are personal attacks. All are valid critisisms IMO. You may not agree with them but they are football related only

I don’t usually get into the Maas vs Chang stuff but I have to admit that when Jason blew a gasket last night, I felt that was an appropriate time to switch QB’s. Maas obviously lost composure and should have been allowed to cool off.

The stats at halftime were interesting though. While we were down 14 to 6, we were ahead on ALL stats. And based on the Ticats level of play last night vs their level of play last week against the Lions…we could have easily won that game if the same Cat team had showed up with the same defensive play calling.

Well said!!

Good post AMG.

Some of the fans here are acting like this is the first time the Cats have had a rough start to the season.

IMO the 'Cats looked pretty good for a rebuilding team, in their last two road games.

See you at IWS this Friday!!

you cant make excusses for this team anymore.

Honestly. they win or they lose. thats it from now on in my eyes.

I'll be shocked if they win. it will honestly be a surprise.

Viscous stuff that should be deleted actually . AMG is the only one throwing out personal attacks in this thread

Name one member that I "personally" attacked in my original post?

clowns, moronnic, clueless, the same as those who dump horsecrap on Paul MacCallums front lawn

Shall I continue?

AMG, there are very few personal attacks directed at Maas on these threads. The criticisms are centred around his abilities (or lack thereof) as a QB. And actually, courage is a prequisite for the position so I think a reference to 'gutless' is fair ball. No one has said he's a bad human being.

Bob Young--ditto on your comments.

Boycott--that's a fan's perogative isn't it? If the team starts to win, those fans who stayed away will probably return if they stayed away at all.

An Argo-Cat fan