I don't it like but it's comming if Pan am games come

No to Confederation Park (even though live right there)
No to Downtown (politicians will love it....nobody else will)
Yes to Airport location (and I don't give a damn about tailgating myself personally)
Maybe to West Harbourfront...they will have to spend a fortune on road infastructure to make that work properly though)
No to the Martin golf course....for many reasons not the least of which is trying to build something there that is flat....good luck.

I'm not a fan of the track idea or the 25,000 capacity. Personally I would rather not fill a 35k stadium every game than not quite fill a 25k stadium for some games. But, they aren't building the stadium for just little old me, so I'll take what I can get.

I would like to comment on people that say Ivor wynne has these great world class sight lines.....I don't share that opinion.

When I sat in box I row 8, I could not see any plays from the hash marks to the sidelines from the 25yard line to the endzone in front of the visitors bench....for a premium seat that is not great site lines. The Rodgers center is worse because the seats go down to field level and go back from the sidelines instead of up....good for baseball.....bad for football.

end rant.

Well, if we do get the games and a stadium, I hope they do a plaza thing with it like the Lucas Stadium for the Colts I was reading about below. Of course, it won't be a $700 mill stadium but some of the aspects of this stadium like the plaza idea might be worthwhile considering:

[i]The minute you step foot into the Lucas Oil Plaza, you see the huge field and open stadium, which features a retractable roof.
First on the stop is Lucas Oil Plaza, which is the main entrance on the north side of the stadium. Lucas Oil memorabilia and vehicles are featured, as well as a performance stage. While you can purchase T-shirts and other items at the Lucas Oil stand, you can also buy a small can of oil.

"It's a good place for congregating during Colts games," said Christopher Lee, a guest service representative and tour guide at Lucas Oil Stadium, of the plaza. "We have a lot of bands and musical talent that play (on the stage) during our Colts games. We always try to keep it fresh for the Colts games because we want people to be pumped up and really excited about it. When more of our fans are excited about the game, we feel that it's drawing energy and the Colts get into it and do their thing."

During games, Lee said, "thousands and thousands" of people are moving around the plaza. When there is not a game, Lee said, companies can even reserve the area and have dinners and functions[/i].

[url=http://www.tmcnet.com/usubmit/-beyond-field-tour-new-home-indianapolis-colts-impresses-/2008/12/24/3877782.htm]www.tmcnet.com/usubmit/-beyond-field-to ... 877782.htm[/url]

That article did not sound very positive at all. Lot's of dough to be spent, and no one seems to know where to put a stadium. Makes it tough to convince someone that you will be able to hold any events.

As far as a new stadium for football goes, I am in agreement with most that IWS has good sight-lines and these could be jeorpardized by a stadium with a track. I believe that a little create architecture work should be able to keep relatively good sight-lines. I am pretty sure I saw a drawing of a stadium where the first section of seats could be placed on top of the track. To keep things close, the stadium has to go up on a sharper angle, and either a balcony or second tier needs to be made.

Other than the good sight-lines, I don't think IWS has much to offer. Free parking on the streets if you show up early enough for the game is the only other thing that I think is nice.

From a location perspective, it would be nice to have a stadium located close to a major highway, close to transit, close to other amenities like some really good restaurants and bars, and one that would provide tailgaters a place to go and do their thing. The problem is I'm not sure that a place like this exists in Hamilton, and I think that many people realize that IWS does not really provide all of these things either.

From a stadium layout perspective, it would be nice to keep similar sight-lines for football, have improved corporate seating, better facilities for fans and players, improved vending facilities, a stadium that will hold a few more people (if your going to build something new it needs to be big enough for a Grey Cup!), and a stadium that is multi-functional. I believe most of these can be done, but the question is at what cost, and who is going to pay it. A big stumbling block is how to make this stadium primarily suited for football, and yet still multi-functional for enough other events so that funds will be provided from multiple sources.

Needless to say, there are some big hurdles to overcome if we are to see a new stadium... and time is a ticking. This concerns me, as based on the article in the Spectator, it looks like no-one is quickly determining where to build something, what to build, and how much it's really going to cost. I really hope someone understands the urgency of this situation and steps up to lead this process. If not, I can't see how this will ever happen.


8) With the morons that are running Hamilton City Hall, you will never see a new stadium !!
   Just read the articles in todays and yesterdays Spec if you need proof of that fact  !!!!         <!-- s:oops: -->:oops:<!-- s:oops: -->     <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: -->

Ok, how about just the plaza idea where people can watch the game on big video screens with bands playing while the team just plays on a field outside the plaza with no stands at all, you know, a stadium done really on the cheap as they say. But man, what a plaza it will be!! :lol:

And with a 27,000 seat stadium....there will be no Grey Cup game in this city.

My thought is you go to 35,000 and have spaces (can't think of the NFL stadium???) that you can add seats for other events.