I don't it like but it's comming if Pan am games come

Hamilton is developing a list of venues it wants constructed for the Pan Am games:

Hamilton setting Pan-Am priorities
Four venues on the table today


January 12, 2009
John Kernaghan
The Hamilton Spectator

The facilities are:

* A 24,000-to-27,000-seat stadium to replace decaying Ivor Wynne Stadium. It would have a 400-metre track, 400-metre training track, retail space and training space indoors, as well as perhaps house The Canadian Football Hall of Fame.

Watch as Ticket prices go up to Montreal and BC Prices if this happens..

In terms of the possible sites for a new stadium, to be honest, I'm totally confused as to what is the "best", if there is such a term, location, pluses and minuses for any site. In the end, who knows what will drive the final decision, assuming we get the Games. :?

I still don't like it ..
New Stadiums mean higher Rent for the Team and Thst Cost is past on to us Fans.
Here ticket prices beer and food and Goodies all go up!!!!
we are already getting poorer by the day .. You can't blood from a Stone..
Fix IWS and The cost will be here for us fans in long run..

I hear ya Onknight and excellent points. But just to let you know, Bob does own the team and does want a new stadium or a refurbished IWS, and I think finally some people at city hall also see the long term benefits. Remember, IWS isn't going to stand forever as it is.

So where to you put money, refurbising IWS or go new? Both have pluses and minuses.

I say near the Airport is the way to go with a tailgate atmosphere even though that's not important to me but I think helps ensure the long-term viability of the TiCats and could bring in out of towners from Brantford, Kitchener, London areas. Downtown Hamilton forget, too tight, less people and Hamilton will have an NHL team at some point I am guessing so there's around 40 dates a year with lots of people.

The Pan American Games is our one chance to get a new stadium.

It will get built downtown because the politicians can more easily sell
non sports-minded citizens on it's spillover effect on downtown business.

Without the federal and provincial government money
a stadium would never be acceptable to average citizens.


I hate it that we will not likely get such an intimate stadium
like Ivor Wynne where us fans can get so close the action

but that is the reality that we will soon have to face.

I have read it right here many times that it is not possible
to restore the constructural integrity of Ivor Wynne stadium.

Sooner or later it won't be able to pass a safety inspection
just like what happened with the stadium in Ottawa

when one side of their stadium was condemned
and that side of the stadium had to be be torn down.

I'll take a little less intimacy thank you for the benefit of having seats that at least approximate those of a junior B hockey arena. :wink:

If they are going to build a stadium, have at least 35000 seats. plus lots of private boxes!! No tracks. around the field either!!!

You won't get that cause they need track for Track Events..
They also want keep it small to make the crows look large..

Personally, I can’t wait until Hamilton gets a new stadium. Don’t get me wrong - I love IW for it’s great sightlines and intimacy but it is seriously lacking in a lot of areas. Wouldn’t it be great to have hot water in the washrooms, a PA system that doesn’t burst the eardrums of those people sitting in the higher seats and modern concessions with speedy service?

I rather not pay higher prices sorry but I am cheep skate ..
I think We see 20 to 50% more in Prices with a new stadium
Food will go up Mind I don't eat often at Stadium

A New stadium once every 80 years is ok with me!

If there is room around bayfront park..I think that would be a nice spot for the stadium

another area I would like to see it is to use the Chedoke Martin golf course,the course itself is going back to its roots of a 'cow pasture'...it has access from the qew/403/6/the linc.,,lots of parking space and tailgating..and close to downtown.

Build a stadium at the Chedoke Golf Course? You gotta be kidding me? Thank gawd that the politicians have more sense than that. I don't often get upset but that is probably the most moronic idea that I've ever seen on this site. :x :x :x
Pat Lynch(the old guy in section 7)

All areas that have some possibility to them should be discussed and the pros and cons debated. In the end, as I say, it's 6 of this 6 of that, no perfect answer, that's the way the world works as they say. Take Ralph Wilson Stadium vs Rogers Centre, one out in a suburb the other downtown. Ralph is great for those that love to go and tailgate and have a great time drinking in a parking lot in nowhere land, the other not as good for that tailgate experience but closer to all the downtown life and amenities that a big city has to offer, and public transport. 6 of one, half dozen of the other. Now you decide what is best with finances and everything else involved. Stephen Hawking still is only able to pick one site in the end, the same as joe blow you or me.

wow, are you ok?..breath..one more time.... ,relax,breath,calm down,,,relax ,one more deep breath.....feel better now? :roll:

and why are you so upset? ...because you live in the area?
I'm sure you and the people around there can handle being 'disturbed' 10 times a year..OR maybe you can't..
And please don't give me the 'green space' excuse...we have plenty of green space in Hamilton..we can't please everyone

btw...Have you suggested any sites?

plus I didn't mean the whole golf course..just the Martin,which is becoming a piece of crap course ....and if you have ever played there..think about the stadium closer to the escarpment..endzone overlooking the bay..

Look where IWS is now and when we dont have a solid team as we have not for the past 6 years look how empty the seats are later in the season when we're out of the playoffs, now how many people do you think are going to make the trip all the way out to the airport I for one will not and I havent missed a game in 3 years. There is no good public transit that goes up there, and the tailgating laws will remain the same unless they tent the place off then we get to pay $7.25 for one of their beers. I dont see the big deal in rebuilding the stadium beside where it is now and rebuild Brian Timmins close to the corner of Melrose and Beechwood. Come on city council are those really the only sites in this city that we can use no way no how should the airport lands be used it just wouldnt be the same Tiger Cats game. Please don't use the airport lands.

Oh, come on Pat. Give a guy a break and allow him to express his opinion. I'm not that fussy on his idea of the Martin Course either, but I respect his opinion and I don't think he's a moron.

I still like the brown fields around the airport property, but please forgive me!

In the next few weeks, Ivor Wynne will go through its yearly inspection. It was thought that the North Stairwells will not pass this year, but we will have to see what they find. Last year crews tore out all the South Side stairs and built new, the year before they worked on the Endzone pair. Many experts believe the South side has only a few years left. It's been pretty common knowledge for a while and even leaking into the media which we saw last year. She's on borrowed time guys. A new Stadium is something to celebrate and go see. I'm sick of seeing people peeing in the sinks at IWS, tear the beast down.

You gotta stay out of the women's washroom.

No to Confedration Park
No to the airport site
Yes to downtown
Yes to West Harbourfront

South Mountain....

Tons of land south of Stonechurch (at Garth, West 5th)...all with lots of easy access from the Linc and Red Hill.

Tell the "developers" to take a hike. Enough housing exists in that area already.