I dont get this. What do they want from the guy?

Video: Fan Reaction To Roger Goodell Is Going Viral (msn.com)

Is there any major league commissioner in NA that is respected?


Oh the haterade on Goodell goes back well over a decade now for multiple reasons as have accumulated over his time.

But really it's directed all the more at his bosses the owners especially the most powerful ones who truly run the NFL - Jerry Jones, Dan Snyder, Bob Kraft, and John Mara though that's not all of them. The Rooneys of Pittsburgh are also in this camp, but they are hardly detested but perhaps by the fans of the teams in their division plus the fans of the Raiders, Bills, and Patriots.

Anyway, I recall Commissioner Gordon on Batman as being respected.


Good one.

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Now that Commissioner Gordon wants Batman to go from three downs to four... he's lost a lot of us.