I dont get this tie system.

How does a team tie? If they go into overtime? Like I don't get it, one team will win in overtime, so how do you even get a tie in football?

when you root for the Lions yopu don't have to worry about it cause the Lions are'nt gonna tie tonight baby.

apparently, you havent be watching all the games, otherwise, you would not be confused :cowboy:

They play 2 mini games each starting at the 35 yard line. Each has their turn from the 35. If they are still tied after the first mini-game, they will play the second mini-game. If the score is still tied then they each go home with a single point in the standings. Case in point: Sask vs Calgary 44-44

In the playoffs it is different. I think if the game is tied they play 15 minute "halves". There is no sudden death. If they are still tied by the end of the 1st "half" of over-time then they do it again. And they will keep doing it until there is eventually a winner. Maybe someone else can expand on this.

Come up footbalyoubet, give the kid a break. lol