I dont get it.

I know it happens a lot, but really, how does a lifetime QB effectively coach receivers???

Are there not enough ex receivers who want to coach??

The OC who has a year of CFL experience as a consultant thinks he can do a better job coaching the QB's :?

A QB is probaby the BEST person to coach receivers. The are pro's, he isn't teaching them to catch balls he is teaching them how to be in sync with the QB and adjust their routes from the perspective of the guy feeding them the ball.

Exactly what AC says, also says that the position will allow himself to learn being a rookie coach. Also says that he thinks the OC should be the QB coach in the CFL.

I don't get how the OP is consistently unable to make his subject headings even remotely informative. You might as well just label every thread "TOPIC" for maximum confusion.

As for AC, it'll be fine. The Als want him on the coaching staff and he'll be able to teach the receivers just like Schonert, an ex-QB himself, taught the receivers last year. Marcus Brady, incidentally, started his coaching career in exactly the same way -- as our receivers coach.