I dont get it...

Why is it that all former Riders who are either going to be cut or not in football have to come back to this team? The two examples this week are Paul McCallum and Reggie Hunt... Congi is doing fine as our placekicker, and we have enough good LBs around that re-signing Hunt is not an option, IMO. If we are going to go after a LB, why not trade for Barrin Simpson? At least he is game shape(unlike Hunt) and could step in right away. Next thing you know, Ridgway, Elgaard and Suitor will be back in Green & White!... :?

Forgive me if I'm wrong. . .

But didn't Reggie Hunt sign in Edmonton?

Yes he did.

I'm guessing Sambo is referring to the posters on the boards who lobby for the return of any former players and vehemently criticize management for being stupid if they don't bring them back.

Yes, BigU , that is exactly what I am talking about. It seems that some want re-cycle former Riders... like KG, and no doubt will want Mo Lloyd and McKenzie to come back in the twilight of their careers. I don't begrudge them their loyalty to those players, but there comes a time when players , coaches and fans must turn the page.

Did somebody actually advocate us signing Paul McCallum?

I think it was mentioned but i have nothing to quote right now. i think it was just before the riders locked up Congi for 2 more years.

Signing Paul McCallum would provide valuable experience at the desperately thin kicking position.

??????????????????????????????????????????????????????? congi is money and boram hits harder than our lb's

Paulie's only 40.
Is equally apt at throwing both insults and blocks.
You can never have enough kickers..............or linebackers.

The coaching staff ZZZZZZZZ on Hunt.

PLEASE ,lets hope we sign Geezer McCallum for old times sake and one last kick at the cat.

I agree completely with deflated, let’s bring em back. :slight_smile:

No no no no no McCallum are you guys serious besides we just signed conji to a two year extension what are we going to pay McCallum with???

The only reason I could see the 'Riders ever re-signing Paul McCallum would be for exactly the same reason they re-signed Andrew Greene... so he could retire a 'Rider two minutes after he signed his name to the contract.

But I really doubt Paul McCallum would ever return to Regina, unless it was to hunt down those dudes who dumped cow poop on his lawn. He may be a 39 kicker but I am certain he is still tougher than those creeps. He kept kicking the same game he dislocated his shoulder in, and never had any hesitation running with the ball throughout his career if he saw an opening. Those brave souls hit his house only when his wife and little children were there alone.

He had the last laugh though. They got a criminal record and he got a Grey Cup ring and the opportunity to go back home to BC. Regina is not a horrible place to live, but I would bolt in a heart beat for a change to live and work in place that had the Pacific to the left of me and the Rockies to the right, where you smoke hemp freely in a cafe, and where the only time you experience minus 20 is when you stick your hand in the fridge freezer to get some ice cubs.

I wish the 'Riders would have kept Paul. Congi may be a great field goal kicker, and Boreham may be a great special teams player, but with McCallum you got both with just one pay cheque. And the fact that he may be retiring this year would probably be no issue because there are 3 young quality non-import kickers in the CIS and NCAA available in next year's draft, not mention Scarelli with the Rams and Bodnar with the Hilltops.

Like most decisions, it comes down to $$$. Why pay Hunt 100G's when Freeman plays for 50G's? Why pay McCallum 80G's, when Congi plays for 60G's? If the SMS wasn't in place, the spending would take place, but the SMS has changed the amount of loot that gets doled around. In 5 Years, Hunt, Simpson and McCallum will be up for the HoF...time to start grooming the next generation.

Marty York reports that Riders GM Eric Tillman has signed Car Salesman George Reed and Pensioner Damon Allen to add depth to the team....... :wink: :wink: :wink:

Sorry Sambo, I couldn't resist!

Wayne Shaw closed down his bookstore, so he's probably got some time on his hands.