I don't get it!

I've seen that happen so many times the last few years in the Danny Barrett era, but I didn't expect to see that with Austin. It hasen't even really hit me yet that we lost. I can't beleive it. :o :x THIS SUCKS! Oh, well they played a pretty good game. Thank God Calgary lost. 2nd place is still good. Let's just hope next week goes better.

I agree. Too bad we lost, but it was an exciting game. I think that is why I love the CFL so much!!!!!

That game could have gone either way and neither team should have been down over the outcome. Both are well coached football teams and the Riders played like a team competing for a championship. The final blow to the Riders with the Miles hit and the Phillips INT is football and it frustrates losing team fans.

What I'd take away from this game if I were a Riders fan is that this is a good coached team with some decent depth that a few injuries here and there don't lead to bad results like in former years.

And finally, no team in the CFL will go undefeated.

Like green71 says, that is why you like the CFL.

For the Rider coaches, there is a lot be very happy about. This team of theirs is solid and capable of being even better. Austin or someone has worked wonders with Kerry Joseph and the whole team for that matter.

We sure looked a lot better than we have the 2 weeks prior to this but it was a tough loss. If the defense had made a few missed key plays, If we had got close enough for a field goal on our last offensive drive, if, if , if...if I can get past the pain one more time, I will dust off my oft-broken shrivelled green heart and cheer for our team loud and proud come the next match...

The offence looked better, yes. The defence looked just as sick or maybe even worse than it did in the last two games. Three in a row with disgusting defence!

Basically, BC scored everytime SK scored. Riders Defence gave the team no shot of winning any of the last three games!

Clovis got embarassed on the Geroy TD! It was like Clovis was half expecting a run on 3rd and 10 with 34 secs left and BC down by 4. I have said in another thread but I am saying it again . . . What kind of safety plays 10 yards shy of the endzone on 3rd and ten with 40 seconds left and Geroy Simon running directly at him?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

A few more ifs for you:

  • Two major special teams plays by BC in the first half: the blocked punt and the huge return by Smart.
  • The Riders forced two fumbles in the last few minutes of the game but didn't come up with the ball.

All in all this game was so much better than the previous two weeks that I can't feel too bad about losing to BC in the final minute of a game. And with Burris injured second place is looking much more doable, though first in the West is a long shot.

I would much rather see the Riders earn their home playoff game than by getting by default.
Even with Burris out, I'm not counting the Stamps out yet. Especially with how the Rider defence has been playing the past 5 games.

Yeah, I really think that the killer was either one or both of those special team plays in the first half. Had either one or both of them not happened, it would have had a completely defeating effect at half time, with or without the skirmish. Those two plays kept BC in the game by the end of the first half with only a 9-point deficit and difference of what, over 200 net yards?? Had they gone into the locker room with a 20 point deficit, I think it would not have been the same ... although I know that another team came back with that kind of deficit not that long ago ... :cry:

When is Kent Austin going to accept personal responsibility for his selection of talent and not blame individuals and trash reporters. He has the potential to be a great coach but he is beginning to sound unhinged with that pissant of a GM sounding more and more a wack job while all the while trying to get the CFL to suspend Lion players. Get your own football team together and win some frigging more games and do it on the field. Murhpy is looking prescient when it comes to the character of Eric Tillman. It is playing thin all over the CFL.

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