I don't feel so bad after Calgary's huge loss

Calgary (the team many peg to win the cup this year) lost by 41 points yesterday and their highly praised backup didn't do squat.

We need not feel so bad now about our beloved Cats :slight_smile:

Even though that same Calgary team out-played, out-gunned, out-ran and out-tackled the tabbies one week ago?

My question would be … do we really want to play against Saskatchewan this year? :roll:



John Gregory used to say.. " most teams win or lose will have 2 amazing games each year, 2 horrible and the rest somewhere in the middle"

Its safe to say this was one of Calgary's worst 2 and Sask's best.

You can be sue Sask won't keep being this good. They caught Calgary on a very off day.

Based on what we've seen so far, Sask on a good day would beat us by 50+, on a bad day we may get within 4 touchdowns...

yea i dont wanna play saskatchewan

calgary killed us

and they stomped calgary

Kerry Joseph was patient and he picked apart a really good Calagary team. When nothing was happening he scrambled and then last second he throws a strike. 4 TD passes!! and running for first downs when he couldn't find a receiver.

it was a horrible performance on calgarys part, but atleast they got a touchdown :smiley:

I loved it, the Riders are my western team and my other halfs team is Calgary, so I had fun last night.

at least we don't have to play them until october.

We could had him here But then we would not have Corry

and since Corey is being used right... :roll:

I actually feel worse seeing how terrible Calgary looked…

why because four of our guys were putting the boots to calgary?

I still think the holmes trade was a bad move.... should have taken Korey Banks.

I believe that had Calgary utilized my automatic FG attempt within the 40 yards of the endzone strategy, they would have scored more points and eliminated the possibility of several bad plays that led to scoring opportunities.

Aside from that, it's pretty sad when we get pounded by a team that turns around and gets thumped the way Calgary did.

That is Horribly BRILLIANT!