I dont care if

montreal played with their waterboys, towel boys and trainers on the field, scoring 57 points against them is still nothing to sneeze at. I for one want to see new blood on the top of the east. Here is hoping Ham or Tor can do it.

I'm amazed AC can still play at the level he is considering his age. However, that won't last forever. Also, at that age, the impact of injuries gets magnified. If Montreal doesn't fall from the east this year, it will be next.

I think the east will be a dogfight especially if Pierce stays healthy most of the season.

ROFL! Oh Earl, you scamp... :lol:

Should be a dogfight in the east indeed. Montreal looks to continue to be strong, Hamilton had a great season last year and there is no reason to think they'll fall off too far, Winnipeg could be right up there if Pierce stays upright most of the season, and Toronto could be better with some upgrades at receiver and if Lemon can show some improvement from last season. Could come down to luck no the injury front as the deciding factor.