I Don' Believe this

Listen CaptKirk do not remove my post truth hurt, we will win the grey cup and many diehard life long fans will not get to experience one game cause of the ignorance of some. Conferation park great exposure stoney creek mountain just a coupe sites the stadium could have been built. Why would you rebuild a brand new stadium in a run down part of the city. BAD DECISION pal

Gotta get over the stadium location, can't do a damn thing about it now so just be glad we got a new stadium as it was almost lost altogether. Not going to Guelph in protest is all well and good, but why let any success the team has this year be overshadowed by the off-field gong-show that we sometimes have to endure. I guess i'm a focus on the positives type of fan, better to let go of the things that are in the past that can't be changed IMO.

I agree with you...... we will win the GREY CUP!!!!!!!

I wish I could.

Some see a glass half empty,
Some see a glass half full,

Its water under the bridge
Don't cry over spilt milk
Que sera sera
GROW UP. Its a done deal. NOTHING you say or do will change anything about the stadium location.
Anyway isn't there another long standing post on this topic

"You're unhappy. I'm unhappy too. Have you heard of Henry Clay? He was the Great Compromiser. A good compromise is when both parties are dissatisfied, and I think that's what we have here."

  • Larry David

I have enjoyed my trips to Guelph,including the Edmonton monsoon and last week's slaughter of the innocents.

Looking forward to our playoff game there,too.

Let's love, sure the stadium location isn't the best for the city, the Cats etc. But we got the funding. Next time Hamilton will learn when you have a Bob Young who says build a velodrome, ampitheatre and stadium where my fans want, they'll do it.

Just not in this time and place. Unfortunately. But I'm a Cat fan, and IWS site works fine. But a waste for the city overall because of pettiness. Hamilton deserves what it gets because of stupidness.

Stupid as stupid gets. But, that's Hamilton for ya.

Let me repeat, Hamilton is one stupid city that's for sure.

But a new CFL stadium. Put it in Lake Ontario for all I care. The city is a joke though for how it operates, fuc...ed up big time on the stadium, they ended up only pleasing a very, very small portion of it's citizens for $40 mill, true Cats fans and there ain't a lot of those.

Dumbies. I think you could put anyone in city council that has grade one education and they couldn't do a worse job.

Let's be clear on your comment. It WAS the Cats who screwed up the process that Ivor Wynne ended up being the only location that was possible given all their delaying. Get your facts straight.

I agree that its a done deal so let's stop posting about all the what if's and continual bitching.

As Vince Carter once said......"it's over!!"

Cats who screwed it up? WTF. They wanted an ampitheatre and velodrome for West Harbour which made total sense. An ugly stadium and most if not all stadiums are ugly as what I've read, they didn't want in this pristine futuristic place. And believe me, a stadium for the price what Hamilton is getting is not going to be a very good looking stadium unless you're a sports fan like me that could watch my team in any sport in the middle of Lake Ontario or the middle of a corn field.

Are you for real there Lenny?

Whoever suggested WH for a stadium should go to the looney bin, asap, what a totally stupid stupid dumb thought. Let's put a half ass sports stadium near a pristine waterfront. Ok, I'm no rocket scientist but even I can figure out that is totally fu...n stupid beyond all stupidness. Vote him in next time, should be interesting what the city gets next time around.

While maybe not the best location, a new stadium at the current location will help renew this part of the city and hopefully bring investment to a location in need of it....now let's talk football.

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I think the OP needs to watch this:

Good one! :thup:

As is this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XAWnDksru4g

Or we will have a smart owner that listen to city planners instead of imaginary consultants...