I disagree

The column on offensive lines is coming up next week. I’ll keep your points in mind when I pen it.

You are right BBfan, the bombers will be in 4th---in the eastern division :lol:

Thought he made an ok analises, but I see the final placement this year being:

  1. Calgary
  2. Montreal
  3. Saskatchewan
  4. Hamilton
  5. EE
  6. Winnipeg
  7. BC
  8. Toronto

Good posts. Glad to see that you are replying, and are open to criticism. I'm not bent out of shape about it. I just see the Riders being underappreciated in most articles period (suprise suprise, a rider fan thinks that :lol: )

.......Jack is cool.......he and I butted heads last year about stuff but he stood up for what he wrote and I'm all good with that........next one.......

well said jbedell, well said.

I like your articles, you seem to keep good track of the happenings in the CFL from down there and your writings are pretty oriented towards the CFL game, although I do disagree with your point of view from time to time :wink:
Keep it coming, i enjoy reading your stuff!


Hmmm… Bad timing! You just underlined Montreal and Saskatchewan are your favourites… and next week you’ll assess teams o-line. The Als and Riders having the best lines by far, you’ll have to look like you still have a tiny bias for your teams…

By the way, I totally like Robert Edwards and Joffrey Reynolds, but I admit I thought it was strange to rank #1 and #2 two pass-oriented teams.

.....plus, I bet Jack can whip up a wicked mint julep for sipping on the veranda.....next one......

have to still go wiht Billy though, think he cut the Riders short there. with the new talent from the gades, Matt Dominguz back, and with most of the team that got them to CO into the playoffs last season, the Riders should finsh in either thrid or secord (if they are lucky) posistion in the West. I see BC countining there losing steak well into 2006 with or without DD injuried, and getting the frist pick in the 2007 draft.

I am certain JB will have nothing but good things to say about the bombers all canadian line as well..................

Yeah, at less his pointing those bomber naysayers (coach SAMBO coach) to shame!

You can count on it!

just stroking ya JB…we all know you base your opinions on how you see it…and we all appreciate your insight…keep up the good work…

heck, he and everyone should do some inshight on the NHL playoffs right now.

At the moment, most games are in my favor.

Been thinking about this some more.

With the ball being in the air more do you not think it will open up the ground game more and the Riders yards per rush will go actually go up and in effect be more productive as per your definition of it. Yes the total yards may go down but the running game will be even more effective when they use it.

Also replacing Crandell and Greene (who had 4.1 and 4.5 yards per rush last year) with a qb who had 6.6 yards/rush will also effect our yards/rush even if he doesn’t run as much. I could also argue with Armstead and Dominguez on the field, and the secondary focusing on them, when Joseph does take off he will have more room to run than in his days in Ottawa.

I would like to know who changed the title of my post. I am pretty sure it was I respectfully disagree. Now what I said in my post might have not been said in th emost respectful of manners, but I still respect his opinion, and I stand by the original title. I don't think things like that should be changed.

I thought it was always ‘I disagree’

I could be dreaming

My picks for the leagues final rushing order would be:

British Columbia

And then like most experts :slight_smile: you hope nobody remembers at the end of the season...unless you're right of course.

You know, it's funny, for me, the running game in the CFL and how it can be utilized, is one of the more exciting aspects of our game where more teams here, compared with 4 down ball, pass to set up a run I think. Whereas with the extra down, there is more likelihood that you run simply for the sake of getting 3 yards more often. Passing to set up a run where you are more likely to need 5-6 yards more often I think. I really like this.
I would love the NFL and NCAA more if they went to 3 downs, makes each possesion more interesting and there isn't as much conservative nature to the play.