I didnt think it possible but

jyles has made the argos an even worse team.

seriously, this game is just sad.

he looked good in the first quarter but this is just saaaad

Actually this is a good game.

if u like boring football

that last play though was good

Not boring to me.at all.

have no fear bomber fans, if your offense doesnt earn the win, then jyles will give it to you. you can take that to the bank.

funny, aren't the Argos up 24-17??


If tbis is a boring game then I give up. :o

ya sure answer the post AFTER they Score! :lol:

it's NOT a boring game, it's just entertaining and fun

im just sour since the argos have no offence

because I knew it was going to happen.

argos should have more pts if not for jyles. All he is good for is the odd run.

well now you’ve got Bell in the game!!

yup, they got rid of huey, duey is injured, now louie is in.

I was at the game, Defence saved the Argos collective asses.

Argos got lucky with that whistle and the redo of the FG attempt.

Jyles is better than Lemon, but he just needs people to throw to. Also that Elizondo guy needs to choose which job he is going to do for the Argos... because it is obvious that he cannot do both Offensive Coordinator and Quarter Back Coach... he just doesn't have the skill or the experience and the Argos are suffering for it.

I'll say. . . dreadful playcalling. . .

Jyles seems to make dumb decisions.
Like throwing that ball right at the lineman who intercepted it.
He does have the athletic ability.
But somebody has to teach him to use his brain better.

And the interception by Logan was pretty inexcusable as well. . .

that was a safety, not a lineman. but it was a pretty strange play. I'm not sure how you can get intercepted on a shovel pass but Logan did make a pretty nice play.

I agree that Jyles has made some pretty dumb decisions so far this year. Last year he didn't make so many (definitely still made a few though). you have to remember this was just his third game in a year. he hasn't been good at all but he's gotta be rusty. definitely needs more time before you can say he's not the answer (and of course some good receivers would help him out too).

What goes around comes around. Makes up for the Proulx screw up in the Montreal game when the Argos were halfway to the dressing room at halftime only to be called back for one more play. A field goal for the Als as I recall.