I Did A Dirty Deed Today

My daughter's serious boyfriend grew up in an NFL-loving family. I've been trying to convert him into being a 'Cats and CFL fan before things get even more serious down the road (rings 'n things) but as an act of good faith bought 2 tickets to a BILLS-BROWNS game in Dec. He's a Bills fan (yes, I know that it makes him vulnerable right now and - as a 'Cats fan - I can play the 'I know what you're going through card') and so this will be his Christmas present... 8 hrs. (including drive and meal) with ME!

We will both need comforting on the day after.

Let's go Buffalo!
If you're going to be a fan of a CFL team, the Ticats are probably one of the first teams to look at :rockin:

My understanding is a decent bills ticket is easier to get and cheaper then a decent stamps,riders, esks, Als ticket.

The Ralph also hold 70,000. I can't comment on the riders, stamps and eskies, but if the AL's played in a 70K stadium week in and week out I am sure you could purchase your very own row.

I apologise ugo. I wasn't making a comparrison. I was just noting it is easier in buffalo to get quality seating for football entertainment then in the cities I listed. I really want to go to an Argos games for the opertunity get a really good seat. Sorry I wasn't clear