I can tell you with some conviction that Michigonians are half Canadian :wink: Many places use "centre" instead of "center", Canadian TV is common on cable services within 150 miles of the border, Canadian street names are not terribly uncommon, and their accent is often very similar to what is found across the border.

As a matter of fact, my dad lives in Michigan in a neighbourhood where every single street name is Canadian city. The Canadian influence there is very strong.

The accent I hear in southern Michigan (Detroit area) is very different from what you get across the river, at least from my observations... But I notice a fair amount of crossover in other things. Just something about calling Windsor a suburb of Detroit that rubs my fur the wrong way.

And I think they're actually Michiganders... unless you accept half-nude as correct :slight_smile:

But the statement in question is that Windsor is a suburb of Detroit. Being loacted in two seperate countries this couldn't possibly be true.

Yep, that statement was made. I made mine statement to counterbalance his.

I CANNOT imagine THAT drive!!.....ol

Actually I think Hoopster was trying to be funny about calling Windsor Detroit's suburb. If not, then he may have just been trying to show how passionate he was about the CFL specifically (and by derivation) things Canadian. After all if you covet something it is not too big a stretch to talk as if you own it, is it? I think we should look on his comment as either humour or passion.

Having said that, my nephew-in-law lives in Windsor but works in Detroit, which is not too uncommon apparently. This, by my rather loose definition of the word, makes Windsor, for him at least, a suburb of Detroit. Just like people who live in Mississauga and work in Toronto help define the former as a suburb of the latter.