I dare you to run! I dare you to run!!!

For everyone that was at IWS on Friday and didn't see the TSN broadcast, I just thought I would let you know, TSN put their mike on Zeke Moreno.

This guy really talks up a storm when he is out there. He is great to listen to and the best comment he made, while the Bombers were coming up to the line was "I dare you to run! I dare you to run!" It was great!!!

He is Movie Buff too
I taped the game and Pregame I allways Watch Them. It was a Great Bio Peace.

He like to quote Movies in Practices and Games.

No Wounder this City is Crazy for Zeek..

I really like this guy. Great player.

Dammit I wish I would have seen that. Sounds great. I love that kind of intensity.

I will see if I have it
If I do
I will upload it to utube..

That's great. Thanks, Tom

Not being at the game I did hear it on TSN. It sent chills up my spine. THIS IS THE TYPE OF PLAYER YOU WIN CHAMPIONSHIPS WITH. sorry for shouting.

I just posted "I dare you to run! I dare you to run!" on the CFL's main forum under the sticky "Quote of the Year 2007". From a Cat perspective I think this is the winner so far. Who know what Zeke might say if he's "All Mic'd Up" again though?

The thing that impressed me the most was that he was constantly calling out runs before the ball was snapped and telling everyone where the ball is going. He is obviously a film room nut and one of the smartest defensive players in the league.

And no one mentioned that he had 12 tackles, which must have been close to our team record.

I think i can get that clip and ill make a new video :wink:

Great idea.

That would be No. 2 on my all-time Ticat LB Game Quotes List.

No. 1?

Ben Zambiasi to Vince Ferragamo: "I dare you to pass again when you're revived!"

:D :D :D

Oski Wee Dare,