I’d like to congratulate Larry Walker

Do know some would have liked to see him go in as an Expo but his best years were as a Rocky so I don’t mind he chose them. Congratulations Larry.

x2 Congratulations Larry .

Glad to see him finally make it in.Enjoyed watching him during his time as an expo.

Them letting him leave Montreal without even TRYING to resign him was a disgrace and never should have happened. A great player and a Canadian too boot. Yup, they definitely should let someone like that walk away for nothing. ::slight_smile:

congrats to larry walker! Not a big ball fan, but did follow him when he played.

It shouldn’t have taken this long.

Long overdue, he finally go the recognition he deserved… last night, on one of the TSN channels, they showed the Engraved on A Nation episode featuring him and Jacques Villeneuve, and the controversy surrounding the 1997 Lou Marsh award, it was very interesting…

There was no controversy surrounding the 1987 Lou Marsh award. Only Walker complaining like a sore loser.

It was a though choice that year… looking back, the right decision was made… Villeneuve never won another race after winning F1 that year… and Walker won the LM award the next year. Walker’s former teammates mentioned in the program that he was HOF worthy, and guess what? He was elected… even he didn’t expect to make it, his final year of eligibility…