I could cry

injuries suck. really gonna miss watching D. Walker. Not a stamp fan but still sucks that Jordan is gone as well.

why doesn’t someone invent a magic potion that prevents injuries for a few hrs. sob

Saunders is out for the year too. I’m not a fan of any of these teams, but they all make the league better. I hope they have quick and successful recoveries.

Yep, Labour Day was costly for both teams. Calgary’s top receiver is gone.
Next man up.

Yes, injuries are a shame, sucks. But that’s where scouting and drafting and who knows what else with contact with players not on a roster comes in, big time. At the start of the year, no team knows how injuries will develop and impact the team. You have to be as ready as possible knowing you don’t know what players at what positions are going to go down.

Yes, seeing so many high-performing players go down is disheartening, regardless of the team for whom they play.

The only positive is that these do allow others to show themselves off.
I hate to say it, but the injury to Argonauts kicker Ronnie Pfeffer earlier this year appears to have worked in the team’s favour. Alex Madeiros seems like an improvement at that position for the scullers.

Perhaps some other players will shine with an opportunity to play?

The Stamps usually have someone step up and star. Hopefully that happens again

It sucks for sure but sometimes good things come out of it, Pipkin