I Congrads you tonight!

Well done Bombers well done! I knew you were way way better than that record! This is the honest truth I had a late meeting with the big client from Alberta tonight! after 30 mins of meaningless convo I excused myself and said I had an important game to watch! he asked? I said I wanted to watch Winnipeg get the win over Calgary! that did not go over that well! I said ummm! well anything can happen! and It did! you guys deserved the win weeks ago! I'm a lions fan but before the games began I predicted Bombers 1st place and Ti-cats second place this season! in the East! My fav play tonight was that of the Huff lookin like:I got felt up at the drive-in tonight win TD! thanks I enjoyed Burris lookin not so Cockey! tonight! Stamps who? stamps what? BOMBERS! YA!!!!!!!!!!!

That was a display of good team concept, I feel for the coaches. As happy as I am for the players, I'm glad the players tied one on for the coaching staff. It was ugly, but we'll take it.

/....ugly?????that was one beautiful pass and catch to end it....i'll take that :rockin: :thup:

I meant it was Serna's 3 missed field goals!!!LO!

Serna was channeling Westwood tonight. :slight_smile:

Great game Bombers...my Dad and I were cheering for you guys and that last TD pass was a beaut!!

Nicely done...now you're rolling.

I agree papa, nothing ugly about this one. Dinwiddie lit it up.

So is Kevin Glenn the highest paid "Backup" in the league now?

Is It also true uncle milt is comming back? Right now I believe Glen may be considering a trade or retirement! When triple D doesn’t trow interceptions he looks pretty good! now Keep winning Bombers! you 100% deserved that win last night!