I change my mind!!!

Marcel’s whine in the papers may actually be a brilliant move by him. He has completely taken the focus of the team and their problems and put the blame on the refs. Just look at this board littered with the refs stink and they screwed us……if the refs called the game better we’d be 0-4 oh wait ….lol. at least now when a call goes against the team tonight they will have an excuse to give up. GO CATS

If that the motivation he should be suspended

are You Shure your a Convert ??
You sound like Argo Fan..

Even a casual observer would say the refs did a brutal job last week.

Unacceptable professional performance.
(Thats a mouthful)

Why because I think Bob should suspend him for his absolute idiocy

How exactly do you suspend a GM. Don't allow him to make phone calls? You suspend players, you fine management.

What do you do to an owner then? Wettenhal in Montreal had berated the league office and officials in far more public and for more slanderous mannor many times before....i'm not even sure if he was ever fined.

The refs are not biased, they just aren't very good. It's an unfortunate fact of a CFL fans life.

And last night.

re-He has completely taken the focus of the team and their problems and put the blame on the refs.-- Yes . Id agree to your comment if you had said he,s taken some of the blame and put it on the ref,s — There ARE clear cases of questionable call,s and non calls going back to at least the Calgary Hamilton game in early 2006IOMHO-, the next three game are going to be hard on the officials because their Damned if they do and Damned if they dont. Its not an easy job with no help from uptairs . :expressionless:

Seems to me that if this is the case....He has just told his playes to give up because there is no way for the team to win!

And thus the CFL cannot recruit the best officials. Why is it that I see less controversy in CIS games? Maybe because the best in Canada aren't in the pros?