I challenge The Challenge

First, this is not in reference to any one team, this is based on observations from all CFL teams.

The challenge is upsetting. Many times, since it began, the challenge comes out with rulings that are supposed to be based on video evidence. Too often, this evidence clearly shows the opposite of the ruling that is reached. They are clearly wrong, based on video evidence too often.

Also, when a ball is fumbled and the ref blows it dead then a player recovers it and has an empty field between him and an endzone, it's not right to give him the ball on the spot of the recovery, after the challenge overturns the initial call. I suggest the NFL approach of instructing refs to not blow close-call fumbles dead. Let the play develop and let the challenge speak for itself after the play.

Challenging the spot of the ball in a scrum when there's 15 bodies involved is useless (that one's for the coaches).

I would have agreed with you last year. I remember many calls that were overturned or upheld when there was conclusive evidence to go the other way. However, I think the CFL has done a much better job this year at getting the calls right. Although I'm pretty sure James Patrick touched the ball in the air last week I don't think the replay was conclusive evidence to change that call.
I agree with not blowing the whistle on a close call fumble.


Higgins does an article on onside kicks. I assume the last paragraph is an unwritten apology for making the wrong call on the challenge.

As with so many situations in our great game, there is a lot for the officiating crew to consider on an attempted onside kick-off, and it all happens in a matter of a few seconds, at an absolutely critical point in the game. But that’s what makes officiating such an exciting challenge, and it’s one of those things that makes us all fans of our tremendous game.