I challenge any STH to give up their Labour day seats

I challenge any STH who have seats for the Labour day game to give up there seats and sit in the seats the tiger cats give us / take a refund or watch on TV to the STH in the West stands who will not be able to sit in their seats they paid for the first game in THF.

What gives with the adversarial attitude. 'I challenge!'

Get over yourself.

(sorry not my usual style of posting but various 'entitled' posts by this person just rub me the wrong way.)


Here’s a better idea - wait to see what tickets are offered, before deciding this is all a big plot to screw you over with lesser seats.


And I challenge you to commit to posting where "your" seats on the west side are (section/row), and what seats you are offered, so we can all see if you have something to be upset over.

what does this even mean? lmao

am I the only one having trouble understanding what this poster is trying to say?

After reading this new member’s posts in other threads I can now make sense of the broken english introduction to this thread and can only reply with…


Not even if you double dog dare me missestigercat.

Guess I'm not the only one confused with the OP and others in other threads by the OP.

They say they want to sit in the seat at THF that they paid for? Yet now want others to give up their seats? But that's not the seat you paid for and want to sit in? It'll be a different seat. So whether it's my seat or Grover's or TravelPat's or anyone else's or the one that is offered to you by the Tiger-Cats, it won't be the seat you paid for and wanted to sit in?

So why exactly do you want mine? I'm assuming its because you feel my seat will be better than what is offered to you when the TiCats accommodate your seating request. If you're serious & reasonable, PM me and we can "Talk Turkey".

Now, I do sympathize with people in the upper deck of the west stands. I have a few friends & colleagues that are affected by this situation. But quite honestly, it could've happened to anyone. The entire east side could've been incomplete and not ready for September 1st. Or the entire west side. Or neither of the upper decks.

Of course it is/was more likely that the lower bowl was to be completed before the upper decks, that's only logical. It also happens to correspond that where the platinum tickets are located.

As an aside, and a little off topic I do understand ... But the people/fans that I truly have concern for are those that have handicap accessible seating and/or mobility concerns. I have no idea if all the wheelchair accessible seating areas are complete and available under the "partial capacity" application. And more importantly are the elevators/escalators all I'm working order and available.

Well worded and thought-out dissertation. Not worthy of a Masters, perhaps, but close... :wink:

ps. One small correction grammar-wise (at least I think this is a correction - I don't have a university education :oops: ) is the word I changed marked in red. :slight_smile:

Thank-you @mikefrmthhammer ... Being colour challenged, I almost missed your correction. But well noted. Thanks.

Also found another error in my posting ... "And more importantly are the elevators/escalators all IN working order and available."

Bad gramer & spellin & litericie our the ferst sines of sosyetel downfall.

What you Smokin :cowboy: I'll be admiring my seats and my view from second row! golds

Of course everyone missed the whole point of my post and just launched personal attacks against me.

It shows you are a bunch of hypocrites, you have your seats that as a STH you paid for and will be sitting in.

The upper west STH like myself will not be sitting in the seats we paid for, according to you guys we should just shut up and take whatever seats the tiger cats and be happy.

hence the whole point of my post, why wouldn't you give your STH seats for the first game and sit anywhere in the stadium where the tiger cats pick.

NOT one of you said you would do that but you all said we should, instead launched personal attacks against.

According to what I have read in today's paper, the Tiger-Cats are "leaning" on corporate partners (in a nice way of course) to give up their seats for the LDC. I assume that corporate seats would be better than mine, so if you get 55 yard line tickets accordingly, will you offer to trade them with me?

Hypocripsy runs two ways sometimes. :stuck_out_tongue:

Post up!!! Instead of squawking, post your season seat location, and the alternate tickets you are offered.

Otherwise, you are just whining.

Nobody is missing your point, it is just weak and tiresome.

For the record, I (and pretty much everyone else who has attended a game since the beginning of last year) have sat "anywhere in the stadium that the Tiger-Cats picked". The Guelph and Ron Joyce Stadium tickets were far from equal to the great seats I had at Ivor Wynne (or hope to enjoy at THF for years to come) but at some point you have to suck it up, appreciate the huge effort the team has been making to best accommodate the fans while THF is built, and remember this is about watching a football team, not some sort of class warfare.

Im waiting for this.

As a matter of fact I would give them to you, as long as you don't mind me sitting in your STH seats for the first game at THF.

So you have no problem giving up your seats for the Labour day game, like you said at some point you have to suck it up

why are you entitled to seats over anyone else?

What happens if they don’t give them up?

I'm not trying to be rude here, but the reason everyone missed the point of your post is that it makes no sense. What are you asking us to do? Watch it on TV? Sit in the seats we are given? Or get a refund? I'm so confused.

As for sitting in the seats I paid for, I am an Upper West girl and I couldn't care less if I have to sit on the scoreboard. It's Labour Day and I have been told I get a ticket to the game. I don't care if the whole stadium is finished. I don't care if I can buy food (I probably wouldn't anyway). I will be sitting in whatever seats I am given and happily watching my team at their new home. It's been a long time coming and I can't wait.