i can't watch anymore

Pathetic, no firsts down again in the first quarter, penalty after penalty, 2 more injuries with Lawrence and Filer (i guess all that yoga in training camp isn't paying off) 6 quarters without an offensive TD. On Defence, forced 1 punt in the first half, all other drives got into the red zone. Just looked at the schedule, the next 4 Eskies twice, Calgary and BC.

This spells 0 wins, 6 losses.

i lied had to turn it back on, 90 seconds in and 2 roughing penalties, nice strategy to get back in the game.

sorry one more minute in and another roughing penalty, soon to be 26-10

just got an ejection, it keeps getting better

Living up to your username, aren’t you?

Legendary thread, most entertaining thing I witnessed all night.

Only wanker really understands how wanker likes it.

There is no need to be "heavy handed" now.

C'mon. Get a grip