I Can't Wait

I am so pumped for Saturday's Game. I am flying out on Friday. Is there anything to do before Lions games. Any kind of Pep Rally or anything. I am not sure I f I can convince my friends to go to the SFU U of S game earlier but I do want to be there early.

I am going to have so much fun.

GREAT weekend to be flying out to the west coast to take in a Riders/Lions game Billy Soup. The weather is supposed to be outstanding this weekend which is an added bonus.
The Lions host a pre-game Street Party right outside the stadium with live entertainment and vendors. It really adds to the atomosphere.


Right across the street is the Dog Pound bar which hosts an outside barbecue/beer garden which is always full of of fans. The Player's Chop House (owned by NFL kicker Mitch Berger) is also right beside the stadium and is a popular game day venue — as is Dix's Barbecue and Brewery which is also nearby.

Have a great time!

Miles 9 makes some good suggestions. Only one I can add is the Shark Club is also a great place to go before or after the game.

Billy come hang at half time with us Lions fans ... the concourse outside of Section 42.

I'll be wearing a 90s Lions jacket with 25th anniversary patches on the chest, lots of pins on the lapels, with black shoes, and black jeans. I'm 6' with black rimmed glasses, and will be with my wife, 5'4" wearing a 90's BC Lions jacket with the old silver and orange colors.

Shark club is generally good. Might have something to do with the uniform. Their shark platter is quite tasty as well.

Thanks for the info. If you see a tall guy in a white # 98 N. Davis jersey feel free to buy me (or some look alike) a beer. Or hurl insults, either one is fine with me.

I'll be the guy near Retrievil's section, 6'3, 205 pounds in the Geroy Simon jersey. I'm still undecided about whether I should bring brass knuckles to the game or not :smiley:

Im hangin out on one of the tallest roofs in Vancouver before the game. Id invite you but its a liability issue. You'll understand Im sure. :smiley:

I don't know your age, but the Shark club is usually for a younger crowd. I would go to the Players Chop house if I were you.

Billy's a College grad. He'll fit in anywhere.

haha. Thanks Sporty. I doubt I will go to the Shark Club, I can go to that here (I work about 3 blocks from it and go there for lunch occasionaly.) I am guessing I will be at the mercy of my Vancouverite friends. I'll try to find out the section I am in, but I'll keep sec 42 in mind Retrievil.

Go Riders!!

Billy_Soup... there is usually a tailgate party going on in the parking lot over by the Cambie Street Bridge... Oh yeah and don't forget to pick up a case of BC Lions Lager while you are here.

Unfortunately the tailgater is no more. Impark cracked down on it this year due to liability issues. There are always 2-3 motorcycle cops hanging out there and they bust anyone who even looks like they might crack a beer or bbq a hotdog.

Best bet for pregame fun is The Premium Club on level 3, which is what I do, you need premium seasons tickets to get in though. Dan Payne does a nice pregame show usually and gives away prizes. Dix BBQ across the street on Beatty comes a close second, followed by just hanging at the Street Party and grabbing a burger and beer at that bar across from Terry Fox Plaza.