I can't wait til next year

It was a tough weekend, last weekend, with no CFL to watch :frowning: (yes, there was the Vanier Cup, but I just love the CFL). But I'm REALLY excited for next year. My team (the Stamps) should finally be in the running for 1st place again. We've kept our coaching staff intact, and have our main guys signed long-term. Couple that with some tweaking around the edges, maybe some training-camp competition, and I think we have reason to be excited in Calgary. I think our main competition comes from BC, and if Saskabush gets Printers, the Riders. I just don't think Edmonton's that good of a team. They proved this past season how beatable they are. I think the Stamps should be able to finish in 2nd place, at least. I can't wait!

What abou the BOMBERS!!!!

…what about them?..so far they are the same 5th place team, but wait, without a coach…make some changes and then we’ll talk predictions…as it stands today, the BBs will be watching the GC played in their stadium from their homes…



And still done nothing! Tamans sat and done zip! He should have had a coach in place so they could start scouting the US Bowl games in a couple of weeks. The Bombers need to upgrade players. Taman is sitting and fiddling while Rome burns. If I were a Winnipeg fan, I'd be burning up the Sports talk show lines DEMANDING Taman hire someone or better yet have the Bombers management get a new GM.

I still think Taman is the root of the Bombers problems.

......I hear rumours are that Paopao will be announced as the Hamilton OC in a few days.......apparently Maas' first request to Marshall was get me an OC asap so he can learn the offensive schemes together with this indivdual right freakin now, not in May when training camp starts........Marshal told Maas that a decision was imminent......

Hmm, if the Bombers wait long enough, the "Free agent" coaches will all be gone, and they'll have to re-hire Daley for another season....LOL

..........maybe Lancaster Junior?........

I agree sportsmen you and I have stated this many times. The problem is who ever becomes coach it will be a one year job because this dolt will be fired next year and the bombers will have to start over again. By keeping this moron they will delay their progress one more year.

Dunigan can do it all. In all fairness though Matt did not a bad job getting the stamps a good start. If he had experience first then he would not be all that bad. Better the Lancaster JR I can tell you. Hey Fred Fateri he has done it! ha ha ha nice suits!

Didn’t Fred have the $90.oo underwear?

...Creehan gets an interview today cowboy fans ....so I wouldn't say your coaching staff is set yet....and I'M going to cut Taman a little slack.... he better get it right....he has interviewed some great guys for the coaching position .....and I will gurantee it won't be another Daley....wonder if it will be Creehan... if it is.we'll sure have the cowboys play-book... :lol:

That would be his cheap pair!

I doubt it Crehan's signed on today! And I can tell you the guy is not stupid!

...well I wonder who Taman was interviewing. today..must have been some other guy by the name of Creehan ...he's still in the running mate...

and I guess if he becomes the next Bomber head coach ....he will all of a sudden become stupid ...right :lol:

I guess so. The paper today it says they go just to here the sales pitch but Buratto states anybody taking that job would be crazy! IMO job security is everything with the Bombers and Taman at the GM post you are doomed for failure. It is already funny the Bowl games are coming up and what is Taman doing interviewing coaches this should have been settled already so that thew scouting process will happen. Guess what slow to the post again Taman is a joke and the sooner the Bomber fan realizes this they will know the come back of the Bombers sucess is two years to three years away. Sorry that's the way I see it. Job SECURITY!

In the words of Han Solo

What good's about being a head coach for the Bombers? Besides, working for Taman and coaching that team ain't my idea of courage. It's more like... suicide

Thanks to Capt Crunch at GSG


Oh boy...there laughing at our franchise now...Starwars and all..
Never would I thought come a day..just because we have no direction.
Does not count for the never ending hardworking ethics of this organization..
Bomber's in 06...