Bombers signed Greg Moss, another Excellent defensive signing by Taman, our D is looking very STRONG as it is and should be one of the tops in the league this year. This guy was great with Ottawa, i remember seeing him play a couple times and i was impressed, great signing.

Charton can be replaced, not worried there, I think Taman has his head up his A$$ when it comes to Cavil, letting him go (after signing MR.DROP Brazell)is just a dumb move, but maybe Brazell will show up for every game this year. we still have Milt and Armstrong and some good young recievers and also can't forget that Flight 87 is a reciever as well.

Letting henri Childs Walk, another mistake, he looked great before he got injured and has a low salary.

Now QB, the topic of the offseason for the BB'S, we all know Glenn will be here, but he needs someone to push him in TC, not to mention back him in case of injury. Dinwiddie, don't waste your time Taman. Banks, is still young and would push Glenn, but Taman seems to be more interested in signing UNPROVEN college or NFL Cuts at QB. We don't need another Mike Quinn, Tee martin or Russ Michna at QB, PLEASE for god sakes, go after someone in the CFL, like Jason Johnson in Edmonton, at least he's been in the league for awhile and knows the game.

Well Another great D signing and alot of ???????? for QB, oh and we need a GOOD FB to block, catch and run along side "Blink" (oh Sellers, wish u were here)

Yah, Childs Left Because He Wanted A Shot To Be A Starter....he wasnt coming back regardless...no loss there

this moss guy has some darn good stats for his first year.

...Marshall and Harris recommended him....he must have something going for him.... :wink: :thup: