I can't remember - WHO WON THE GREY CUP LAST YEAR?


Could someone fill in my memory lapse and tell me who and how they won the prestigious Grey Cup last season!!
I remember vaguely that it was a great team with the most outstanding fans in Canada but the specifics of their victory escape me.
Let's re-visit it again. Perhaps redandwhite , swervinmervin and some of the others could help me out :thup: :thup: :thup: :thup: :rockin:

Sorry, I can't remember either.

no one won the cup last yr. The refs just gave it to some team wearing green cause they felt sorry for them.

Depends on who you ask and what year they think it is.

You know your right who won last year?

Well, let's narrow it down...
It wasn't Calgary...they really sucked last year.
It wasn't BC. They were pretty good, but they whined and complained too much.
It wasn't Edmonton...well 'nuff said about them...

Was it anyone from the east....?

With a description like that you must be thinking of 2006 not 07. It was the B.C. Lions.

The team that got a TD off of a blown interception call is all I remember.

It was the team of Bruce Lee and Chuck Norris, and yes they were wearing green and white.

oh get over it already!!

that was not a drop, stop crying.

May Long weekend comming up.....Yup fishing season is about to start, Turkey found some bait to get it Trolling.......I mean rolling.....

Ah, spring is in the air, and, the fish are nibbling--- LIFE IS GRAND BEING FROM SASKATCHEWAN HOME OF THE GREY CUP CHAMPIONS!!!!!!!!

So at what point do fans of the other 7 teams get to stop hearing about how the Green Riders won their 3rd Grey Cup out of the 95 times they have awarded the trophy. I don't mean to offend, I am sincerely just wondering...

Is it when the new season starts? When they lose their first game? When they don't qualify for the playoffs? Or when they lose in the playoffs?

What are the rules?

  • paul

I think it would be:
"When they don't qualify for the playoffs? Or when they lose in the playoffs?"
The first of which isn't very likely, the second is more likely, yet hopefully not gonna happen.

Until then, Just enjoy the ride.

If it was a carnival ride, I would have thrown up and got off by now and a carnie would be hosing down the Tilt-A-Whirl.

  • paul

This isn't no cheap carnival tilt-a-whirl this is the Grey Cup Champion Saskatchewan Roughriders we are talking about. Imagine a rollercoaster with the highest highs and the lowest lows. Thats the ride we are on. And right now we aren't even on the top yet.
So hold on tight, keep all appendages inside the car, Things might get bumpy.

2008 Grey Cup Champions Saskatchewan Roughriders???
Has a good ring to it.

I'd let them have it, Paul. They have another long drought ahead of them... :stuck_out_tongue:

Wow three times out of 95 ouch. Yup Riders win the GC in 2026 you heard it here first.

Billy thats hope that Turkey has taken pictures of the event put it in a time capsule and in 2026 the grand kids can open it up to see what it was like. :lol:

Not before Sunday November 23th 2008!