I Can't Believe What I Just Heard


So I am Watching the Jays game on Sportsnet and I kid you not I heard Oskie Wee Wee Oskie Wa Wa Holy Mackinaw Tigers Eat Em Raw.


I heard it too. Crazy eh

thats great to here in Toronto, but honestly half the fans there are hamiltonians anyway lol hell thats why Hamilton wont get a NHL Franchise Toronto will never let them cuz we will take half there fans and same with Buffalo.

What does this thread have to do with NHL? NOTHING

Hitch, are you saying our Oskee Wee Wee cheer
was being used by fans of the Detroit Tigers?

I am not sure who it was used by but I heard it and that is most likely the possibility

thats crazy! i just wish it could of been Argos S**k lmao

That would be funny however next saturday there will be that chant being shouted plenty.

I was refering to the fans of hamilton and the chant but i guess some people cant read and see that i'm refering to the fans witch have total relevance to the thread considering it is a fan chant thank you and please read into the persons post before running your mouth

My friends and I always shout out an oskee wee wee or two no matter what game we're at. It's always fun to see if you hear an aaarrrrrooos back, or someone finish the chant.

TiCat fans are EVERYWHERE!

I was at the blue jay game but I didn't hear any oski's but did hear some argo chants. No big deal just some young guys with a few beers in their system trying to assert themselves in the world and get some recognition. Most of us grow out of that stage with maturity. :slight_smile:

You obviously have no idea what you’re talking about.

Throw a team in Hamilton and Toronto would have no problems selling out the Air Canada Centre. Toronto is the envy of professional hockey. No matter how bad they play, how much they charge, etc… The Maple Leafs will sell out.

i agree with you on that but they sell out with fans that live in Hamilton because of the lack of an NHL franchise in Hamilton sure they will sell out but only because fans from hamilton are showing up to support the horrible maple leafs and now ill get all the leaf fans all up set by saying that and they will start crying and then post how next year will be different guess what it has been the same every year since 1967 just give up well anyways don't bother replying to this because i will not bother reading anyothr comments and as for not knowing what i'm talking about it is because i'm young and play the sports not sit online and talk about them and read stat charts like most internet losers well now that thats all off my chest i would just like to add that all i was sayin was it was good to hear that fans are chanting the ticats chant before people had to try and bash me for adding to there thread so what ever just be glad that a ticat fan is adding to your thred and not toronto fans of all sports talking about our team i guess new members are not welcome on here thanks guys!

If we got over our obsession with the argo chant and spent more time promoting our own, we'd hear "oskie wee wee" a lot more in all kinds of different places.


Wow, lots of Hamiltonians in the crowd I guess.

this is the longest sentence i have ever seen......

lol it sounds like he was in a bad mood.

i think its more merchandise sales that they're afraid off losing.

Buffalo is the team that is worried about attendance being lowered due to a team in hamilton....

sure would be nice tho.

Do you get the feeling this sentence is actually still going? Maybe in a parallel universe or something. Kinda like the home run ball that never came down. I think the Mick hit that one.