I can't believe that I JUST found your forum

A lot of us Dolphin Fans are now Argo Fans. Our fellow Fans from up north have taught us a lot.

A lot of us are watching the game right now. Almost all cable channels carry them somewhere.

We were looking on the Argo site for the forum. Here is ours http://mb14.scout.com/fdolphinsfansfrm1

It is not the largest Dolphin site but it is ours, lol. We are big fish in a little pond.

Like many of you, we were stunned when the starting QB went down.

And we wonder why Ricky is not run more or really, not passed to more often.

Anyway, a BIG HELLO from Gainesville Florida!

P.S. I see you also have Robert Baker as a WR. He went to High School here in Gainesville.

LUG, are you having problems with this site...it's sluggish

I'm outta here dude...takes forever to do anything.

I cheer for the Edmonton Eskimos, but it's glad to see that the CFL is getting more and more american viewers. Welcome to the CFL forums!