I can't believe no-one noticed!

When Hamilton scored a TD in the 4th quarter…
It went to automatic review and ruled a TD and it was a TD
But did no one notice that while it was in automatic review…the cloc kept running.
Look at the time on the clock when he scored

Now look at the time when it was announced a TD…50 seconds had gone by

We did not hear the ref announce the review but we noticed that everyone is standing around and the clock is running!


Interesting…I watched this as it happened but didn’t notice the clock either…

Of course, neither did the Cat “braintrust”…


Yes I noticed this. There was another couple of times in today’s games when the clock ran off over a minute between plays. It happens frequently, ergo my comments that the CFL timing rules are a mess. Then in the last 3 minutes of the half inexplicably a basketball game breaks out. None of this would happen with proper and logical timing rules.


Seeing how I do not know exactly which plays you mean, I cannot comment but on this play…it is not a timing issue…it has noting to do with the rules…The play was being reviewed, the clock should have stopped…
AS for other times where a play takes a minute, that is because the ref can and will start the 20 second clock whenever he feels like it
I have seen the ref wait until the huddle has bee broken to start the clock and other times the receivers have not crossed back over the LOS and the play has been whistles in

This play was simply a major screwup


The CFL now reviews some plays on the fly so the clock shouldn’t have stopped during the review.

Here’s what I think happened:

  • the play was a running play, and given the time of the quarter the game clock would continue to run after he was tackled “in play”.

  • once he was ruled short the ball is spotted and the clock runs live through to the next snap.

  • in this instance with a running clock the ref had not blown the play in yet (this is @Jon s biggest beef with CFL timing. And I agree)

  • Steinauer gets the refs attention and he tells the ref to review it. I assume Valessi says “if there’s something to review, they’ll review it”.

  • then a TD is ruled, the ref blows the play in for a PAT, and a regular PAT is kicked which the clock always runs on.

All of this meant a ton of time coming off the clock because of sloppy officiating.

In theory when Steinauer got Valessis attention and threw the challenge flag (should have been a delay of game penalty) Valessi should have just killed the clock for a few seconds to sort it out.

The “20 second play clock” was essentially a minute.


And this is frankly, ridiculous.

Except the ref announced the play is under automatic review…the clock should have stopped
All scoring plays and potential scoring plays are automatically reviewed…that is why the challenge was not needed

And the bottom line is, everyone was standing around while the clock was running

Yes I can see that but it’s harder to notice when the timing rules are so arbitrary to begin with. Why should the clock run only 30 seconds between some plays and over a minute between others? Why should it run on some converts and not others when it shouldn’t run on converts at all? Why should it run at the start of a quarter or on a change of possession before the ball is snapped? Why should it run past the three minute warning? How can a play be run when the clock reaches :00 which means the game is over in any other sport in the world ?

I can’t even keep track of the quirks and goofy timing rules any more. I don’t even pay attention to fiascos like the one tonight you point out. There are perfectly logical and sensible timing rules available to be followed. Fix it already!


I agree 100%
That is the only NFL rule I would like to follow…when the play is blown dead, the play clock resets and starts over

If Valessi announced that (which I don’t recall) then you’re correct

I thought he just said "after automatic review it’s a TD)

That is a different kettle of fish and not the issue here

I have no problem with the game clock rules…Its the play clock that needs fxing

Just watched it again.

From the time the play was ruled down (10:05) to the time that Valessi announces “the play is under automatic review” the clock runs.

The clock then stops while they review. (9:16)

Then the play is blown in for the PAT.

It was timed correctly, but there was basically 50 seconds of babbling and banter before they decided to do the automatic review.


It all centers around the play clock. The NFL timing rules are far superior and result in much better game flow.

I’m in the vast majority here. I have suggested 30 or 35 seconds between plays if you want to put a quirky CFL twist on it. Right now it usually takes longer than 40 seconds between plays and there is no continuity but rather it is arbitrary as you pointed out. With those superior timing rules the clock would have stopped tonight as it is abundantly clear when it should be running or not.


This is it.
Valessi lost track of the running clock while everyone was having conferences. If the play clock was running the Ticats would have been screaming for the automatic review.


I don’t think so…again…all potential scoring plays are reviewed…but yes everyone was standing around…Ham did not go into a huddle…the refs were standing around in groups…
The clock should have stopped

But to Jon’s point. Who should have stopped it?
Valessi should have blown it dead?

Watching the replay it looks like there’s no discussion of review until Steinauer starts trying to challenge it himself.


Again…all potential scoring plays are automatically reviewed
Obviously I could not hear was was told to Steinaur but he must have been told it is all ready being reviewed

Had you been there, it would have been obvious to you that play had been stopped…players and refs were standing around like it was a commercial time out

That really has nothing to do with this thread

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How so?

A 30 second play clock from the second the running back was ruled down would have probably meant only 10-15 came off the clock.

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But then Valessi should have blown the play in. The second he announced the play was under review the clock stopped.