I can't believe no one has ranted

I was shocked last game glad to get to the old park cheer on my team sit in my seat however when we went down to meet old freinds grab a beer and have a ciggerette we were told we had to smoke in a horse corral outside the stadium and no u couldn,t take ur beer.
First of all why was this not advertised as a new stadium policy second u cant see the game third it aint gonna fly how u gonna keep 1000s from smoking in what was not a bad section where u still felt like u were still at the game as u watched on scoreboard.
i was not to pleased with this however i will accept just dont see what the prob was after so many years of smoking in endzones

If they decide they want to smoke in the old smoking section they get kicked out. I think its pretty sad if you cant go 3 hours without smoking...

There were still people smoking in our section in the stands. It was lovely. Im pretty sure the "you can't take your beer" is a legal thing and has nothing to do with the team They actually did mention the changes to the smoking area in the season ticket holder update and I'm pretty sure it was in the "going green" update on the site. I am sorry that you had a bad experience, but I'm not upset that I don't have to walk through the smoking section to get to my seats anymore.

This was in the "it will be a packed house" item.

Fans will notice a cleaner atmosphere inside the stadium as well, as the Ticats and City of Hamilton will implement improved recycling initiatives this season. In keeping with City by-laws, the team has also limited smoking to designated areas near the corner of Balsam Avenue & Beechwood and under sections 25 and 26.

Smoking is a privilege, not a right.. Suck it up!

http://www.pampers.ca/en_CA/home/ http://www.cancer.ca/


And I ask those still 'sneaking' a smoke in the stands to STOP! You smell like $%^&!

Amazing how some smokers still think its their right to posion the rest of us..


I'll start this post by stating I enjoy the occasional good cigar.

Cigarettes are the only product legally sold that if used as directed - will kill you. There is no other legal product that can claim this distinction.

Yet, cigarettes are legal. They are however regulated like no other product. Imagine going to a car dealership and not being able to see the cars. Such is the buying experience at your local corner store for smokes. Imagine looking at a new car in a showroom with pictures of car accident victims spread all over it.

Any government acting in the best interests of the citizens would ban cigarettes. The cost on our health system is enormous. However, the government makes a ton of tax money so these cancer sticks are available to anyone over eighteen years of age.

Such is life.

There are restrictions to certain things in our civilized society. I can legally possess a shotgun, but I can't bring it into IWS. I can drive a Porche, but can't take it over a prescribed speed limit which pretty much makes the car redundant.

So why is a legally purchased product not allowed in IWS? The same reason I can't bring a shotgun to my seat.

Excellent post.

I'm a smoker. I don't smoke in my house, in my car or around my kids. I usually have a cigarette or two max at games, but because the area is relatively small ( horse corral was accurate) I don't mind waiting till after the game.

However, because of the location of the entrance ( at least on the south side) I could smell smoke in the concourse. They may want to consider expanding the area to get people farther from the entrance.

I hate smoke from cigarettes, abor it, wish they would ban cigarettes smoking, all smoking, in Canada. I know only too well about cancer and smoking, I work in a cancer centre for pete sakes. And so does my wife.

But guess what? I'm an advocate for smokers rights. Sound strange? Not at all. The government says smoking is legal under such conditions and smokers should go to the max and have a smoke if they wish under these conditions. Just like me I love having beers, legal like cigarettes, but if I'm driving, I better watch out.

Bottom line, we have to stand up in this society for things that might offend some people but are perfectly legal when behaved in a certain fashion. It is our right as citizens.

No other legal product? What about that shotgun you were referring to? If you have a FAC you can legally obtain it. Yet when used as directed (if pointed at someone) will cause death. There are probably other examples as well but my main points follow.

I'm speaking as an ex-smoker (January 28, 1987 was my last), yet when I decided to quit I made a pledge not to become one of those "preachy" ex-smokers who put current smokers down. I told myself if I did that I would go back to smoking. I was the Richard Pryor of cigarette smoking - totally out of control. I went through 3 cartons of Export A every two weeks. It was the hardest thing I ever did, and I am very sympathetic to those who are unable to quit, or to go 3 hours without one.

I think we can accommodate both smokers and non-smokers without causing anyone too much of an inconvenience. We just have to try. :cowboy:

Seriously? If you apply for a FAC on the basis of shooting people ... not only will you not get one, you will probably get locked up.

There are no other examples like cigarettes. If used as prescribed what other product will kill you?

Funny how some of the ones preaching about smokers are the ones driving to games. 4 or 5 smokes from a person in a designated end zone location at a game aint' going to pollute the air like exhaust from a car driving a few blocks.
Don't get me wrong, we do need preachers. Many people have quit because of the social stigma. Just too bad it didn't apply more to car drivers too. Maybe the reason we have air quality warnings to stay inside on hot, hazy days is really because of all the smokers.

I actually worked out the stats ahwile ago because of the uniformed expressing the drain smokers cost the health care system. So I looked it up; cost of smoking related health issues vs. the tax money generated from smokers. Result- smokers are paying a lot more that their share,(currently approximately $80 for a carton) in fact we can strongly assume the extra revenue is going toward some of the health costs of fast-food or alcohol loving fans and public and some of their lifestyle choices not related to smoking. One day when i feel the need I'll do my research again and post it here.

Maybe i need to complain about they fan sitting next to me eating their greasy food. Maybe I'm offended, cuz the smell of it nausiates me and I know it's just cloggy their arteries, and putting extra weight on their joints and ligaments and I'm going to be paying for the health related costs. But maybe that's their right and not a priviledge.

Hopefully people are quitting smoking for health reasons, not just social stigma. Non-smokers object to breathing in second hand smoke for various reasons, mainly it comes down to consideration for others. Trying to argue this subject on the basis of the automobile is quite amusing. I guess we should shut down the steel mills and coal fired hydro plants too?

You elude to a good point with your hopefully sincere concern for nutrition. It's why I am disappointed the TiCats encourage gluttony with their 'all you can eat' campaign. Hamilton has an obesity problem and we should be encouraging healthy choices with food just as the smoking issue.

Okay I'll bite. If used as prescribed (at least to excess) alcohol will kill you - cirrhosis of the liver, etc. :slight_smile:

BTW I didn't say you were purchasing the shotgun to shoot people with, I said when used as directed: squeezing the trigger, while pointing it at someone, will surely cause death.

Thus, you wouldn't be using it, as directed...

For it to work as your example, you would actually have to point it at yourself...

Here is a solution, and I'm just spitballing here...

Stop smoking.

Just an idea...

I am no preacher. If they want to kill themselves by smoking, it's their life and their money, but I shouldn't have to be subjected to it when I get off the ticat shuttle and walk in to the southwest endzone and now I'm not. Ockham nailed it when he said that the government makes way too much money on cigarettes to ever ban them. My father smoked for 30 years. He has had cancer twice (he's over 5 years cancer free thank God) and recently had a triple bypass which was partly due to smoking. It makes me sad to see so many young people smoking. I don't understand why you would even start if you know all of the horrible ramifications of it. I get that many people started smoking before they really truly knew all of the facts, but for my entire lifetime they have known and I see loads of people from my work who are much younger than I am and yet they are smoking.

I believe in smokers' rights too, Earl, but their decision to smoke should not for me to breathe in second-hand smoke at the games. I am glad there is no smoking allowed in the stands, but completely agree that they should have a smoking section which allows people to smoke and doesn't force me to cross through it to get in or out of the stadium.

Abusing alcohol can kill you by drinking too much of it. Smoking will kill you in a moderate amount.

The purpose of a shotgun is to shoot game, not people. You can't get a FAC with such intentions, thus you'd be using the product against manufacturer's and regulator's directions.

Alcohol and tobacco do far more harm to society than pot.

I'm a smoker. I don't smoke in my own house and I try to be respectfull of other people. I don't need anyone telling me it's not good for me and yes it's a terrible habit that is hard to break. As long as it's legal, it will always be that way.

I started some 48 years ago, long before it was frowned upon. What I'm amassed at is the young people who start now, who can hardly afford it and know better to even start! :roll:

My father on his death bed looked at me and said..."I wish you'd give those things up", to which I replied.."Dad you didn't raise no quiters"...he laughed and said "Yea, I guess I got you started".

I didn't start by smoking a pack a day, and I'll give it up by cutting back untill I feel I no longer need them. Hopefully I'll give it up totally soon. These changes at the stadium will just be one more step in that direction...but in the meantime...you non-smokers could show a little bit of empathy...and quit with the self-rightousness.