I can't believe it is the end of the 2009 season

So here we are at playoff time!! where did the season go...I am already feelling what do I do until training camp..... maybe it is just me... but I keep wondering what will the next season hold for the lions... who will be in ???

Sad... two days before you face the Cats and you're already conceding the season. :wink:

Even when the Lions win the Grey Cup, the season will never be long enough...

If the Lions win the Grey Cup, I will absolutely die.

if the ticats make it to the game ill die, as good as you may have gotten you still dont deserve to be there

Well, you don't deserve to be in the playoffs, let alone the grey cup.

You only made the playoffs because of us beating Winnipeg and an officials error at the end of the Montreal game.

How about getting to play the Argos 4 times and the Bombers 3 times... and you actually managed to lose one to the hapless Argos!!! That should be 6 - 7 wins. Try playing Calgary and Saskatchewan that many times this year... Ti- Cats would have missed for sure. May the better team win the East semi....even if it has to be a team from the west.

Can we hold you to that? Srsly, you are a second rate troll and really don't have any good points in any of your posts. DIAF

No, Seriously Grims. You're the kind of guy that gets slapped by the minister in church.

We beat every Western team. Some on their turf and others on ours. See Saskatchewan, Edmonton, Calgary and BC. Should have swept Calgary and Edmonton but that's how the cookie crumbles.

It is hard to talk trash when you back door yourself into the playoffs and it would be easy to throw around reasons such as a tougher division, injuries, losing key players to the NFL, going through 73 QB's, and the sun getting in our eyes as why we were not a stronger team throughout the season but we are in fact in the playoffs and in the end it does not matter how you get to Disneyland, it is how you handle the rides once you are there....and now that we are there, I do like our chances.

Printers adds a new dimension to our team that makes us a much more dangerous team than the one that stumbled it way through the season. The other teams know this too and thats what makes the post season so great...second chances and I like ours.

Interesting... and how many games did you win with Printers at the helm?

Alright, it's less than 24 hours until kickoff. No matter what happens , you can finally get out of our forum! Good luck!

Yes those were losses with Printers however to ignore the fact that those were his first games in over a year, had no benefit of a training camp, had to re-learn an entire offense, and do it behind a depleted Oline and STILL play a good game shows that he is steadily improving and will only be more of a danger as the games go on.

I am sure the TiCats are plenty aware of his potential game breaking ability and are not relaxed because he hasn't actually won a game yet. Do you really think Glenn is a better QB? I would take Printers in a second.

What ever makes you sleep better at night I guess.

I don't think Printers' won loss record is of any relevance in a one game winner take all or nothing football game. I think he'll get a warm round of applause from Cats fans. What is lost in his losses in Hamilton is how many of those losses came by a margin of 5 points or less. Don't know how many specifically, but a break here and a break there and Printers could still be behind the center in Hamilton. That's what scares me about him. His competetiveness.